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Vandalia Area Historical Society Museum

The Vandalia Area Historical Society Museum has several artifacts and memorabilia to help preserve Vandalia’s past at its location on the corner of State and Main Streets in Vandalia.

Since its creation in January 2005, the Vandalia Area Historical Society Museum has opened its doors to visitors from all over the United States.

In 2009, it helped the City of Vandalia host a series of live concerts and a traveling Smithsonian exhibit.
According to the Vandalia Area Historical Society history book, a group of 17 citizens interested in preservation of the history of Vandalia and Farber held their first meeting in 2005.
Visionary Paul Ray, a native of Vandalia living in St. Louis, has been the presidents since the society’s inception.
The museum’s current location was originally built but the town’s found Aaron McPike in 1876.

The group’s first open house was in 2005 and tours have been given ever since.

This building carries has a long and significant history, but it now houses countless rare artifacts that tells the story of the many historical events in the community. Yet more importantly, this museum tells the story of the many people that made these events occur and the lives they lead throughout these numerous generations of Vandalians.
The museum is opened throughout the year on Saturdays and Sundays and can be opened at other times by appointment by calling Charlene Teague at 573-594-3026. Times are scheduled to change and are scheduled each year by the VAHS.

Cornerstone Project
The VAHS currently has a long term vision of reestablishing a thriving downtown in Vandalia.
This project encompasses the renovation of two downtown buildings (108 and 110 South Main), allowing for new commercial rental space in the front portions of these two buildings and an expanded historical museum in the back half of the same.

This move accomplishes two needs; fresh new commercial rental space for downtown growth and highly needed space for our museum, including a dedicated genealogy research area.
A vast majority of the funding for the Cornerstone Project has been generated from the highly generous Rual Morris Foundation and Missouri tax credits from the Missouri Department of Economic Development under the

Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).
Private donations are being sought, but a call to action is being asked by local businesses by accepting these tax credits in exchange for a cash donation.

The NAP has offered the VAHS $105,000 in Missouri tax credits, which bear a 70-percent tax value.
Donations of cash, building materials, professional labor are a few of the ways tax credits can be distributed.
This means, for every $1 donated to the VAHS – Cornerstone Project, businesses will receive $.70 in tax credit on your Missouri taxes. These credits can be taken for up to a period of five years.
In addition, since the VAHS is a Non- Profit Organization (501 C-3) the remaining portion of a donation ($.30) may be deductible on federal taxes (please consult your tax account for verification).
Any businesses that are a Corporation, Farm Operation, Financial Institution, S-Corp, LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship or an individual reporting income from rental property can qualify for these highly lucrative tax credits.

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