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Tom Roth named Van-Far’s new dean of students

Posted on Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 9:59 pm

By Brandie Gay

Tom Roth has accepted the position of dean of students for the 2024-2025 Van-Far school year. A Dean of Students in a high school is an education professional who plays a crucial role in student affairs and overall school management.

Here are the key responsibilities and qualifications for this position:


Academic Progress: The Dean of Students is responsible for monitoring and supporting students’ academic progress. This includes promoting good attendance rates and ensuring students stay engaged in their studies.

Safety and Discipline: They work to maintain a safe and respectful school environment. This involves preventing campus violence, addressing disciplinary issues, and implementing safety protocols.

Student Support: The Dean collaborates with counselors and tutors to create development plans for struggling students. They also motivate and inspire students to succeed and remain in school.

School Activities: Managing school events such as prom, dances, and other social gatherings falls under their purview.

Teacher Evaluation: They work with senior administration officials to evaluate teacher performance and may have supervisory duties as needed by the principal.


Teaching Experience: A qualified Dean of Students typically has several years of teaching experience.

Communication Skills: Excellent oral and written communication skills are essential.

Flexible Schedule: Deans often arrive before students and leave after the final bell, so flexibility in work hours is important.

Parent Interaction: Experience working with students and parents to analyze problems and concerns is helpful.

Education: A bachelor’s degree is required, but many school systems prefer a graduate degree. In urban environments, speaking a second language can be beneficial.

Roth said he would proudly oversee k-12 discipline, attendance and student activities. Roth added, he is looking forward to fun and an amazing year of student learning, growth, and positivity.

This would be Roth’s second time being an Indian. After his college graduation, Roth entered his education journey teaching at Van-Far in 2016, coaching athletes and was the physical education and health teacher. In 2020, Roth left Van-Far and accepted a special education position for Ralls County. Roth lives in Vandalia with his wife, Megan Roth, and their five children.