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Mexico’s Walk Back In Time brings history to life

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2023 at 5:38 pm

The Audrain County Historical Society hosted the 19th annual Walk Back In Time this past weekend.

This event provides living history where visitors can walk from camp to camp and experience life during the Civil War, the wild west, 1770s colonists or WWII. Reenactors camp onsite from Friday through Sunday and live as they would have during those times.

There were also multiple presentations on the main stage, as well as several types of food. People could enjoy live music and experience life as it was in days gone by.

New in 2023!

According to the historical society, in addition to the traditional little western town of South Fork, the Walk Back in Time Festival highlighted the Old West, with a Stagecoach, chuck wagons, snake oil salesman, Civil War ambulance, and more.

“Stagecoach Journey” with Rick and Bev Hamby and crew were on hand this year. His original stagecoach was built in the 1880s in Concord, N.H., and then sent to the rugged West to carry passengers and mail on its circuit. They entertained guests with tales of this historic coach and what its life was really like.

Included in the Old West sector is 1800s mortician, Phil Woolfolk and blacksmith, Sean George. Dusty James and Abalone Pearl sang tunes from the rugged trails.

Plenty of

history here

In addition to the old west town, people could see Vikings in America, Medieval swordsmen, pirates, 1750s French & Indian War, 1770s colonists, 1830s mountain men, 1860 Pony Express, 1860s Civil War, Native American, 1880s Wild West, 1918 World War I, 1800s-1940s Cultural Pioneers, 1940s World War II, 1970s Vietnam, 1991 Gulf War, and more.