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Local artist designs logos for multiple towns

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2023 at 6:25 pm

By Julia Polston

After entering multiple contests to create new logos for area municipalities and organizations, Louisiana resident Woodrow Polston said that he was surprised to find that his designs were picked by these towns.

“I was pleasantly surprised that the designs were so well received,” said Polston. “The first contest was for the design of the 2024 Vandalia Sesquicentennial logo. I was able to draft an attractive seal boasting a bust of Vandalia’s founder Aaron McPike. I had a revision request to add wheat ears to better represent the area’s agricultural significance. After that was completed, I was informed that my design had been selected as the winning logo,” he added.

He had also entered to win best design for the new Louisiana Chamber of Commerce logo. Polston said that his design was selected to replace the city’s seal.

“The design was highly favored by the chamber, but there were too many colors in the image for their printers,” said Polston. “Members of city administration had seen the design, with the Victorian street scape, which included a captain’s wheel and the Mississippi River in the background and decided to put it to good use. A motion was made during a City Council meeting, and the council voted to adopt it as the new city seal. It is humbling to see the design in various places around city hall. Especially the large mural that my late wife, Miryah, painted in the city clerk’s office,” he added.

After accepting a promotion to general manager and editor of the Lake Gazette, Polston has been working in the Monroe City community. He said that he is currently teaming up with their chamber of commerce to redesign a billboard.

“I went to Monroe City and took my talents with me,” he said. “I was sitting in my first chamber meeting there, when discussion about a new billboard design was brought up. Soon, the question was asked, ‘does anyone know a designer who can help us?’ I offered my assistance and will soon begin drafting some options for the chamber to consider,” said Polston.

Editor’s note: The reporter who wrote this article is also the daughter of Woodrow Polston.