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Davis retires from Ambulance Board

Posted on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 10:46 pm

A lifetime of service

By Brandie Gay

Rennie Davis is a man of many hats. Davis has worn them with pride, each one representing a different facet of his life. He recently retired from the Van-Far Ambulance Board.

To most, Davis was known as MSgt. Rennie Davis, a respected member of the Missouri National Guard. But to the people of Vandalia, he was so much more.

It all began on a warm April day in 1970. Rennie turned 18, and like clockwork, he joined the Missouri Army National Guard. His commitment was unwavering, even as he missed his high school graduation practice to attend his first Guard meeting in nearby Mexico, Mo.

As the years passed, Rennie’s service extended beyond military duty. He became deeply ingrained in the fabric of Vandalia. The town knew him as the man who wore multiple hats—a one-man community volunteer.

Let’s explore some of those roles: Ambulance Board Member: For 18 years, Rennie served on the Van Far Ambulance District Board. His dedication to emergency medical services was solid. Whether it was a late-night call or a scorching summer afternoon, Rennie was there, ensuring that the ambulance service ran smoothly. He knew every twist and turn of the rural roads, every shortcut to reach those in need.

Rotary Club President: Rennie wasn’t content with just one role. He served as the president of the Vandalia Rotary Club on several occasions. The club meetings were lively affairs, where ideas flowed freely, and community projects took shape. Rennie’s leadership ensured that the Rotary Club remained a force for good in Vandalia.

Mason and Shriner: Beneath the apron of a Mason, Rennie worked tirelessly to uphold the principles of brotherhood, charity, and truth. The Masonic Lodge in Vandalia echoed with his laughter and wisdom.

As a Shriner, he donned the iconic fez, raising funds for children’s hospitals. Rennie knew that compassion had no boundaries, and he traveled far and wide to support those in need.

Church and Country Club Boards: Rennie’s involvement extended to the First Presbyterian Church Board and the Vandalia Country Club Board. His faith and love for golf found expression in these roles. He’d discuss budgets, plan events, and ensure that both institutions thrived.

Missouri Seed Crop Association: Agriculture was in Rennie’s blood. He was the president of the Missouri Seed Crop Association, advocating for farmers and promoting sustainable practices. His seed farm flourished under his watchful eye, a testament to his dedication.

And so, year after year, Rennie Davis walked the streets of Vandalia. His boots carried the weight of service, and his heart overflowed with love for his community. When he finally retired from the Missouri National Guard in 2004 after 34 years, the town gathered to honor him. The chief clerk of the Missouri House of Representatives prepared a resolution, recognizing his unparalleled service.

And so, in the heart of Vandalia, Rennie Davis remained an indelible part of its story, a beacon of service, and a reminder that sometimes heroes wear not capes but aprons, not armor but compassion.