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YMCA/Library group meets

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 7:23 am

From the April 11, 2013 Meeting
Sherry Medley and Dan Kappel discussed the findings of the financial feasibility study with the Steering Committee.  Sherry will outline a “next steps” plan for the committee and discuss with Felicity Goodpasture-Culwell, chairman of the Steering Committee.
From the April 18, 2013 Meeting
Several committees were formed – Funding/Structure committee, Public Relations committee, and Fundraising/ Resource Development committee.  The Steering Committee will meet the first and third Thursday of each month, 7am, at the City Hall conference room.
From the May 2, 2013 Meeting
Micah Trower and Cami Blackman will co-chair the Fundraising/Resource Development committee.  Kay Roberts will chair the Public Relations committee.  Felicity will complete an application for funding assistance with the grant writing process and printing of the public relations piece.
From the May 16, 2013 Meeting
The committee discussed the educational promotion piece and set June 25th as the date for the educational piece to be ready for distribution.  Fundraising dates were also discussed.
From the June 6, 2013 Meeting
The committee reviewed the rough draft educational piece for the project and offered possible changes, additions, etc.  Sherry Medley and Chad Shoemaker from the Mexico YMCA talked with the committee about their experiences and what they learned during their capital campaigns for the Mexico YMCA.