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YMCA Project one step closer to being a reality

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 9:56 am

NEWS---YMCAWith upcoming deadlines for utilizing the Neighborhood Assistance Tax Credit Program funds collected during 2015, plus the desire to apply for the Mabee Grant in June, the YMCA Committee has made the decision to begin interviewing for a Construction Manager.
Selection of the Construction Manager is the first step in developing a more accurate cost for the project and it will greatly aid with the construction process for the project.
The Construction Manager will work closely with the project architect, Bill Howell, and the contractor, while providing updates to the YMCA Committee.
The Construction Manager will be required to provide building expertise, cost savings proposals, and accountability related to delivering the project “on time and on budget.”
Other securities offered by employing this position include ensuring all construction abides by proper building codes, materials utilized are of proper quality to ensure longevity of the facility, and the desires of the YMCA Committee are represented.
After the Construction Manager is selected, the interview process will extend to selecting the contractor. Once the team of Architect, Construction Manager, and Contractor is secured a true construction cost of the project will be established. Having a more secure construction cost will allow the YMCA Committee to identify the remaining amount of funds required to begin construction.
Grants are awarded based upon support from the community, specifically, the Mabee Grant requires a percentage of the project being supported by the local communities through donations and fund-raising events.  To continue stepping closer to reality, please consider the benefits a local YMCA will provide you and your family.
Donation/Pledge forms can be found on the “YMCA Project Vandalia” Facebook site and also on the Mexico YMCA website,
Consider supporting the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA by completing a Donation/Pledge form and returning it to the Vandalia Recreation Corporation, P.O. Box 91, Vandalia, Mo. 63382.