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YMCA project is a good thing for the Vandalia area

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 10:33 am

Last week, the next step was taken for a YMCA to possibly be constructed in Vandalia when an official feasibility study was conducted with 32 members of the Vandalia community.
The feedback from the study will help YMCA officials determine whether or not a YMCA facility is wanted and would be supported in the city limits. The plan is for the YMCA to be built with a new library and funding to be provided by grants and other third party entities. Having a YMCA in Vandalia, in my opinion, would be a great thing for our community.
As an overweight father of two who works a lot of hours, I personally don’t have access to the facilities that would help me get back into shape. My only option is to drive to Mexico for the YMCA there. For that, I don’t have time or the money to do this. Having something in town would give me and many other Vandalia residents like myself a way to get and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The YMCA would also help Vandalia to once again have a soccer league for its youth.
I played eight years of soccer when I was a kid and loved every minute of it. Unfortunately, my oldest son has only played one year as the local league folded three years ago.
I can’t afford to take him to Mexico all the time for practices as we already attend church there two days a week. So he hasn’t played and that isn’t fair to him.
I’ve personally been asked several times to be the director of the local soccer league but my time doesn’t warrant this effort. Like many activities, nobody else has stepped up to the plate to be the “main” person. With a YMCA, they would provide an administrator, the “main” person. This carries over into other sports as well.
With one person being paid to organize activities, the pressure is off individuals who don’t want the burden. Instead, they can turn their attention to coaching to enjoy teaching our area youngsters the fundamentals and fun in learning any of the sports the YMCA ends up offering.
The YMCA also plans to organize activities for the whole family. They also plan activities for seniors.
It’s likely the new YMCA would have a fitness center, walking track, and some sort of hardwood court for sports like basketball and volleyball. What exactly will be included has yet to be determined.
Many have expressed concerns in the past that our young people “have nothing to do” after school hours or in the summertime. The YMCA would provide another option/outlet for our young people.
Having a YMCA would be beneficial to our community. Access to such a facility would also be a draw for new people moving into our area.
I strongly encourage the Vandalia community to get behind this project. This will be sure to benefit our community for years to come.
Hobby Lobby
Last week I wrote my editorial on the case regarding Hobby Lobby and the Obamacare contraceptive coverage rule.
A federal judge officially ruled  on the case on Monday, November 19 and rejected Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.’s request to block part of the federal healthcare overhaul requiring company’s like theirs to provide insurance coverage for the morning-after and week-after birth control pills.
It’s sister company Mardel, Inc. also said the mandate is a violation of the owners’ religious beliefs.
What is so amazing to me is the judge’s official ruling. Once you read the following quote, you will know why this case is so dear to my heart. Again this mandate violates the 1st Amendment and the judge’s ruling proves it.
“Plaintiffs have not cited, and the court has not found, any case concluding that secular, for-profit corporations such as Hobby Lobby and Mardel have a constitutional right to the free exercise of religion,” the ruling said.
This federal judge just said that these owners do not have the right to the 1st Amendment.
Hobby Lobby is appealing the ruling. Americans should be upset about this decision by this federal court and demand the mandate to be revised to not violate the 1st Amendment.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.