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YMCA construction contract is signed

Posted on Wednesday, October 18, 2017 at 7:36 am

The Vandalia Recreation Corporation officially signed the contract with Grove Construction to begin building the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA facility in Vandalia. Grove Construction is expected to start mobilizing equipment to the area and begin work on the building’s foundation. The YMCA will be a steel building and the material has been ordered for fabrication.
Depending upon weather, the facility is expected to be completed in early Summer of 2018. “Officially signing the construction contract and expecting work to begin brings excitement and pride to all the project volunteers and residents of the area,” Project Chairperson Felicity Goodpasture-Culwell said.
A key element to beginning construction was turning pledges that will be collected over the next several years into cash that can be used for construction. The award of the interest-free Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program (REDLG) has allowed this to occur; however, the possibility of receiving this loan would not have been available without sponsorship from Consolidated Electric Cooperative in Mexico. REDLG loans are awarded to utility companies that meet certain qualifications, and then the local project repays the loan to the utility company. Consolidated Electric is serving as the loan holder for the YMCA facility and the Vandalia Recreation Corporation and the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA are responsible for ensuring the loan payments are made. The YMCA Project would like to express great appreciation for Consolidated Electric’s willingness to sponsor the REDLG loan and their dedication towards the success of the project.
While it is exciting that construction of the YMCA is beginning, there are still funds that need to be raised to stock the facility with equipment and ensure there is an operating budget to pay employee salaries and utilities. This project is an investment in the community. Once completed, the facility will not only provide enjoyment for individuals of all ages, it will create new jobs, attract potential residents and businesses to the area, and spur growth for existing businesses.
Donations and additional fundraisers are needed to raise approximately $250,000 to open the doors to enjoy the YMCA facility.
Visit the project Facebook page to send questions/comments or to access a pledge form. Search “YMCA Project Vandalia” to find the Facebook page. Project information is also on display at County Market, plus questions/comments can be emailed to If you are an individual or part of a community organization, please consider making a donation or sponsoring a fundraising event, so the YMCA can invest in the community and open the doors to begin enjoying this YMCA facility in 2018.