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Work on Water Tower picks up in Laddonia

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 11:20 am

A lot of progress has been made on the City of Laddonia’s Water Tower after work had stopped earlier in the Summer.

A lot of progress has been made on the City of Laddonia’s Water Tower after work had stopped earlier in the Summer.

When workers abruptly left the Laddonia Water Tower project soon after starting work on July 9, many Laddonia residents may have wondered if their tower would remain permanently with a crown and no paint.
Fortunately, residents have seen crew members at the site this month and it’s expected for the project to be completed by the end of October.
The delay, however, has kept the Water Treatment Plant busy.
“During the period that we have been without elevated storage, the Water Treatment Plant is a 24-hour per day operation, with pressure supplied by continuous pumps,” said Scott Allen of United Water in Stoutsville, Mo. “Gas operated generators and backup pumps would provide pressure in the event of a power failure. Prior to the project, we contacted Ameren Missouri to be placed on a priority response in the event of an outage.”
The reason for the delay was that many tank maintenance companies, like Maguire Iron, fell way behind schedule due to the unusually wet weather this Spring.
Maguire Iron has been painting tanks since the 1950s while constructing and maintaining them since 1982.
With the delays, they turned to their Partner Program, which utilizes utilities subcontractors.
They chose Base Group of Arvada, Colorado, which was founded in 2007.
Work began on July 9 but staffing problems soon followed.
On August 24, Base Group informed Maguire Iron that they would not be able to complete the project.
Maguire Iron was unable to provide a re-placement crew until September 15. The new job crew is from Maguire Iron’s own group of over 100 employees. They resumed work and have been making considerable progress. At one point, there have been two, four-man crews working on the site.
Maguire Iron originally had its bid for completely rehabilitating the exterior and interior of the tank approved at a cost of $219,800.
“It is interesting to note that as with most tanks built in that time frame, the price of rehabilitation and coating is often more than the original construction price,” Allen added. “Today’s regulations require full containment of the sand blasting and waste material. That equipment alone was approximately $65,000 of the price. Today’s zinc based primers and UV resistant urethane and epoxy coatings are far more advanced and of course expensive.”
More on the Tank
The Laddonia Water Tower is a 100,000 gallon tank, which was erected in 1983.
This elevated storage was coordinated with the construction of their Lime Softening water treatment plant. All were funded through USDA Rural Development Program. The elevated storage replaced a 6,000 gallon pressure tank system that the city had used for years.
The exterior coating is the original 1983 construction coating. Maguire Iron coated the interior of the tank in 1998.