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Woman arrested for mistreatment of kids

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 12:41 pm

April Davis

April Davis

A Mexico, Mo. woman had her three children under 8 years old removed from her home last week after the discovery of her dirty house that included human feces being all over her walls, floor, and crib.
According to a Probable Cause Statement, April R. Davis’ home on W. Breckenridge was investigatd by Children’s Division worker Linda Heckman on November 20, 2013.
In November, Heckman visited the home and Davis reportedly refused to open the door. Heckman then went to get property management to open the door for her.
Upon entering the home with Davis protesting, Heckman observed a dirty place with pet feces/urine on the floors.
She also observed numerous dirty dishes and trash all over the home.
Even more troubling was Heckman’s observation of a lock being on the door of a room occupied by Davis’ 2- and 3-year-old.
It was turned to lock from the outside and a rope was on the door to secure it as well. Upon entry, the bedroom reportedly had human feces all over the walls, the floor, and the crib. The report says the smell was “overwhelming.”
A forensic interview was initiated with Davis’ 8-year-old daughter. The youngster said her mom had left her at home to babysit on several occasions.
Roommates Casey Shoemaker and Steven Palmer also lived in the home and both said they had been helping Davis with her kids and had attempted to clean the home until they were stopped by Davis.
The Probable Cause Statement included information from witnesses who reported that Davis became depressed the past few months after the death of her father. During this time she stopped taking care of herself and her home.
During a post Miranda interview, Davis said she became depressed upon her father’s death. She reportedly requested the help of Shoemaker and Palmrer to take care of her home as both moved into her home.
Davis admitted that she needed physical and mental health assistance.