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Wishing retail stores would stop Thanksgiving sales

Posted on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 10:11 am

Thanksgiving offers most Vandalia area residents an opportunity to take a break from every day life to reconnect with family and friends.

It offers many a chance to stuff their faces with good home cooking and perhaps plan the next few days of meals with leftovers.

While I enjoyed my time this year with family, I was also irritated by something I don’t remember happening in the past. This year there were so many Thanksgiving day sales being offered by retail stores.

In the past, I can remember us spending time studying the ads and inserts in the newspaper to plan out our Black Friday plans.

Unfortunately, this year, families like ours might have been forced to make a decision to either stay with family or leave to make it in time for evening retail store discount offers.

While those who have to go back to work on Friday morning might actually have enjoyed the change, I personally think this was an unfortunate choice made by some retail outlets.

They too have employees who might have wanted to go out of town to visit family but instead had to stay due to an early big sale date.

I personally do not get much time off so when it does come I want to take advantage of every second I have to spend with family.

President George Washington proclaimed the first nationwide Thanksgiving in 1789 “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God.”

While I’m thankful for some of the sales we took advantage of in and out of town on Black Friday and throughout the weekend, I’m also thankful for the decision to stay with family instead of leaving them for retail sales on Thanksgiving night. For some, Thanksgiving offers one time of the year to reconnect with folks perhaps for the first time in weeks, months, or years. It’s important we take advantage of every opportunity like this. We’re not guaranteed our next breath and we never know when we won’t have another opportunity to spend this time together with our loved ones.