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WERDCC presents awards for heroic efforts/service

Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 10:39 am

WERDCC Warden Angela Mesmer, right, presents a Distinguished Service Award to COI Monica Roberts

WERDCC Warden Angela Mesmer, right, presents a Distinguished Service Award to COI Monica Roberts

The Women’s Eastern, Reception and Diagnostic Correctional Center (WERDCC) recognized officers last Friday for their heroic efforts during events that took place earlier this year.
The first event occurred on January 27, 2016 when COI Darrell Jennings noticed that a fellow officer was choking. He immediately began abdominal thrusts, which dislodged the object causing his fellow officer to choke. His quick thinking and training helped save another staff member from a potentially life-threatening situation.
He was not present for the ceremony.
Four officers were recognized for their efforts on February 9, 2016. During that day while working in Housing Unit 5, COI Monica Roberts displayed exceptional observation skills when she noticed on the camera monitor that an offender was lying on the floor of her cell.
COI Roberts notified COII Patricia Rick, who along with COI Joddie Marhanka and COI Scott Hobbs responded to check on the offender. Upon arrival, it was found the offender had tied the straps from her bra around her neck in an attempt to commit suicide.
COI Marhanka attempted to loosen the straps and notified COII Rick they would need to be cut off. At the time, the offender’s lips were turning blue and the offender, though conscious, was unable to breath.
COII Rick utilized her safety scissors to cut the straps, which freed the flow of air to the offender and prevented her from losing consciousness.
COII Rick received the Lifesaver Award. She has received two previous Lifesaver Awards and one Distinguished Service Award.
COI Marhanka received the Lifesaver Award and COI Roberts was given the Distinguished Service Award.
COI Scott Hobbs also received a Lifesaver Award.
Warden Angela Mesmer presented the awards to those officers in attendance.
The WERDCC Honor Guard posted and retrieved the colors. The WERDCC Personnel Club provided the refreshments.