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WERDCC names Employee of the Year

Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 at 4:53 am

Deputy Warden Cybelle Salzman, left, with 2011 Employee of the Year Carolyn Ball, Personnel Clerk.

The WERDCC in Vandalia recently named Carolyn Ball the 2011 Employee of the Year.
Warden Angela Mesmer noted in a letter that Ball was recognized for the way she performs duties as a personnel clerk.
“You are conscientious, dependable, professional, proficient, and positive in the performance of your job functions,” Mesmer noted in a report. “Most notably, you have worked diligently to ensure the Personnel Department meets the standards set by the Department and the needs of individual staff members. Throughout your tenure you have proven to be a team player and a valuable contributor to various committees by volunteering your time and effort to make them successful.”
WERDCC also recognized several workers for their many years of service.
Corrections Training Officer William Waybright was recognized for 25 years while CCMII Candace Willis recognized 20 years.
Those recognized for 15 years includes Chris Buie, FUM; Rickie Caswell, COI; Pamelia Corlew, COI; Jason Davis, COII; Terry Dryden, MSI; Lori Epperson, CCMII; Robert Fohey, Education Supervisor; Ron Kukulka, CCMII; William Morgan, FUM; Richard Peters, COI; Roland Raspberry, COIII; Renee Samm, CCMII; Lisa Schoneboom, CCMII; Charles Shelton, CCMII; Kent Travis, MSI; and Tim Wood, CSI.

Ten Years
Aaron Beaver, COI; William Beaver, COI; Anthony Brown, Recreation Officer; Bobbi Calkins, COI; Rita Capowski, COI; Eldonna Chism, COI; Tammy Church, COI; Michael Cookson, Vocational Teacher III; Nancy Cummins, COII; Linda Edwards, COI; Mark Griffith, COI; Carol Henson, COI; Connie Hoover, COI; Johnna McDowell, COIII; Ron Ochs, COI; Justin Swank, COIII; Jeff Terry, COI; Christy York, COI; and Michael York, COI
Five Years
Donald Ames, COI                              Diane Long, COI, Carolyn Ball, Personnel Clerk Kirk McBride, CCMII, Alexis Barnes, COI Justin McCollum, COI, Patricia Calhoun, COI Ammy Moore, COI Ashley Eckhoff, COI William Nelson, COI Judy Ellis, COI Nyla Reighley, COI Nicole Evans, OSA Kim Rigg, Recreation Officer Denise Franks, COI Larry Shaw, COI Tracy Gash, COI Elizabeth Smith, COI Jerry Gottman, COI Leroy Stengel, COI Chris Gray, MWII John Tagg, COII Kelly Harland, COI Brian Thomas, COII Carl Harrison II, COI, Kim Henke, COI Stephanie Hicks, Vocational Teacher Jaimie Huff, STK I Crystal Hull, Vocational Teacher II Dee Hurley, CCMII Paula James, and COI Christy Kelley, COI
2011 Employees who
accumulated over 1,000 hours sick leave
Myron Arttus, Diane Iburg, Linda Boyd, Deena Maiden, Donna Brown, Lee Moles, Carolyn Constable, Angela Mesmer, Denise Dewey, Richard Peters, Tom Dunn, Steven Shoemate, Mary Felgar, Robin Terrell, Richard Ferrari, William Waybright, Robert Fohey, Lyndelle Wilder, David Hopke, and Timothy Wood
2011 Retirees
Peggy Black, Dana Green, Connie Hoover, Lonnie James, Darryl Maiden, J. Lyle McPherson, Ron Ochs, Larry Shaw, Darlene Shy, and Bailey Wright