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WERDCC Employee’s

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 10:10 am



Edna Berry was recognized for her constant care for the health and well-being of all staff at WERDCC.  Everyone knows they can count on her for sound health care advice or to simply lend an ear to listen.  As a health care professional she goes above and beyond expectations to ensure that all staff members are compliant with TB testing requirements and she maintains the utmost discretion in dealing with sensitive issues.  If a health emergency arises, Edna responds professionally and with genuine concern.  In all, it is a pleasure to see her smiling face and to know she is here to care.


Marsha Terrell was recognized for her versatility as an officer as she is called upon to assist with potentially volatile situations.  When interacting with offenders in a stressful situation she is able to remain composed and decisive.  She maintains an excellent chronological log when necessary, controls the rotunda and assists co-workers when called upon.  As a new officer COI Terrell has been challenged with many opportunities to exhibit professionalism when interacting with staff and offenders and has proven herself ready for the task.



As a long time staff member at WERDCC COII James Immel was recognized for the balance of experience, strength and patience he brings to the table.  He strives to be part of solutions to problems and try to create and maintain stability and communication between shifts. His knowledge of policy, understanding of Gender Informed Practices and commitment to consistency among staff members have all served to improve the quality of the work environment and promote the Department goal to prepare offenders as productive members of the community.


WERDCC is privileged to have Chaplain Tommy Barnhart, with his exceptional communication and “people skills,” as an ambassador to represent WERDCC before the community and department administration.  Daily, he displays a positive image and attitude to co-workers and offenders.  Religious events and chapel activities are well organized and run smoothly.  He is knowledgeable of policy and procedures and operates his section within those guidelines.  He is well-liked and respected by the offender population, co-workers, and volunteers.  In the performance of his job duties he holds himself to a high standard of integrity and consistently leads by example.



COI Nathan Hess was recognized for the professional, respectful and cheerful manner in which he approachs his duties.  On one particular day in March it was noted he calmly and efficiently handled traffic in the Control Center. Through each incident the radio transmissions he made gave clear, concise direction and assistance was sent where needed.  His willingness to go above and beyond the expected job duties of his position and his ability to mentor inexperienced staff is greatly appreciated and highly valued.


As a member of the Receiving and Orientation Unit team CCMII Tiffany Freie has played an integral role in organizing the receiving process and orientation class so it runs efficiently and necessary information is offered to offenders.  In the event of a staff vacancy, she has willingly stepped in to help cover that work load; as well as covering the added responsibilities that come with WERDCC Personnel Club Secretary.  Her strong custody background also helps her to constantly be aware of possible security risks as she works daily with new offenders.