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WERDCC employees get Lifesaver awards

Posted on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 at 10:14 am

COI Christopher Mullen, center, receives his Lifesaver Award during a ceremony held last week at the WERDCC in Vandalia.

The Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center (WERDCC) honored several employees for their service during a Lifesaver Award Ceremony held Thursday, March 29.
One incident in which awards were distributed for took place on August 26, 2017.
On that date, offenders in Housing Unit 1 drew the attention of COI Lisa Unger stating an offender was having trouble breathing and was unresponsive.
COI Unger then called a Code 16. COI Michael Jones arrived at the incident and assisted COI Unger in lifting the offender out of her wheelchair and onto the floor where COI Unger started CPR compressions.
COI Jones radioed the control center and requested additional help.
LPN Mary Stockton and LPN Tiffany Crider took over CPR compressions for several minutes. COII James Immel, COI Alysa Sutton, and COI Christopher Mullen took turns completing CPR compressions and utilizing the AED until EMTs arrived.
COIII Nancy Pagett was the guiding force at the incident by directing staff on what needed to be done by making sure staff correctly administered CPR and took notes on staff that were involved.
A second situation occurred on November 6, 2017 as COII Ryan Estes observed an offender choking in the dining room. COII Melcher Harding announced a Code 16.
COII Estes then applied abdominal thrusts, removing the obstruction so the offender could breathe again.
Lifesaver awards were awarded to COI Sutton, COI Mullen, COI Unger, COII Immel, LPN Crider, LPN Stockton, and COII Estes.
Distinguished Service Awards were awarded to COI Jones and COIII Pagett.
COII Estes, COI Jones, and COIII Pagett.
During the ceremony, the WERDCC Honor Guard posted and retired the colors.