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Wedding Shower

Posted on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 at 1:18 pm

Kelli Kirkendall, fiance of Ryan Hesse, was honored with a miscellaneous bridal shower on Saturday morning, March 15, in St. Pat’s Hall, Vandalia.
Kelli is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kirkendall, Omaha, Neb., and Ryan is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Hesse, Farber. The shower was hosted by Ann Carter and Cindy Norton, Vandalia, and Sherry Sebastian, Jefferson City.
Those attending the shower include Wendy Kirkendall, mother of the bride, and Amy Brant, sister of the bride, both of Omaha, Neb; Connie Hesse, Farber, mother of the groom; Abbie Rothermich, Kansas City, sister of the groom; Mary Hesse, Curryville, grandmother of the groom; Claudia Stagg, St. Louis; and Vicky Hesse, Curryville, both aunts of the groom were also in attendance.
The shower was also attended by Val Bostic, Columbia; Carolyn Crum, Mexico; Charlene Goodpasture, Center; Dr. Alicia Lynn Schumacher, Wentzville; Allison Lynn, St. Louis; Lou Mudd, Silex; Melissa and Madison Orr, Bowling Green; and Brenda Gower, Linda Stringer, and Donna Tipton, all of Farber.
Those attending from Vandalia included Marilyn Basinger, Ruth Calcaterra, Nina Clithero, Felicity Culwell, Mary Deppe, Virginia Fowler, Stacy Hamlett, Melani Hamlett, Janie Hayden, LaVonne Jones, Terri Jungers, Martha Libby, Kathleen Lower, Christy Lowrance, Juanita Lynn, Carolyn McBride, Ruth Miller, Debby Moore, Mindy Nasir, Vivian Pabst, Crystal Sparks, Lora Steiner, and Mary Steiner.
Unable to attend but sending gifts included Karen Kirkendall, Sloan, Iowa; Janice Roarson, Sloan, Iowa; Georgia and Maggie Klos, Leawood, Kan.; Dorothy Spencer, Rogersville; Carolyn Coller, Anchorage, Ak.; Chris Fleshman, Unionville; Becky Berry, Mexico; Virginia Carlson, Laddonia; Elizabeth Loughran, Iowa City; Heather Cottrell, Kirksville; Tara Ellis, Hannibal; Staci Corwin, Jefferson City; Meridith Lynn, Joplin; Donna Brewer, Ruth Hill, Judy Rowden, and Terri Udelhoven, Vandalia.
On the evening of March 15 Kelli and Ryan were honored with a couple’s shower at the home of Ryan’s godmother. The shower was hosted by Chris and Carol Klos, St. Louis. Those attending the shower included Joe and Wendy Kirkendall; Amy Brant, Kerry and Connie Hesse; Helen Kruczyk, great-aunt of the groom; David and Abbie Rothermich; Craig and Georgia Klos; Bob and Claudia Stagg; Brian and Laura Klos; Jonathan and Emily Deves; David and Patty Coleman;Dave and Sandy Koenen; Rich Nigro; Kurt and Sandra Odenwald; and Margaret Vancil, all of St. Louis.
Unable to attend but sending a gift included Jay and Karen Kirkendall; Janice Roarson; Kevin and Debbie Lampe; Tom and Kathy Rothermich; Peter Rothermich; and Bob and Karen Zimmer.
A June 2014 wedding is being planned in Omaha, Neb.