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Nation Reunion

Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 at 2:41 am

The annual Nation reunion was held July 28 at the V.F.W Hall in Vandalia.
Those attending from out of state were Colet Herrmann, Monte and Danni Waterman and Rylie, and Logan Herrman, Raymond, Ill.; Jim and Colet Herrmann, Harvel, Ill.; Phillip and Doris Altman, Granburg, Texas; Kelly Boyland, Abilene, Texas; Jim and Kay Lang, Aurora, Ill.; Carol Lang,  Bud Buggar, Quincy, Ill.; Kenneth and Ailene Hill, Cashocton, Ohio; Darin and Christina Harshman, Pleasant Hill, Ill.
Those attending from Missouri were Ron and Joan Williams, Springfield; Gary and Michele Brock, Myah, and Gavin, Montgomery City; Richard O. Hicks, Laddonia; Chris Nation, Hannibal; Marty and Anita Orf, Bowling Green; Wes and Kimber Nation and Grace, Curryville.
Those attending from Vandalia were Don and Marlene Nation, Mart and Peg Nation, Larry and Nancy Nation, Warren Nation, Nicole Holekamp, Jerry and Marilyn Breneman, Steve and Cathy Breneman, Bill and Linda Hicks, Tom and Melissa Culwell and Riley and Kaylen, Bill and Doris Nation, Bill and Ruth Nation, Velma Nation, Stanley and Nona James, Alan and Paula James, and Jessi Van Boening.
Next year the reunion will be the fourth Sunday of July.