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Voter’s Guide to help you in casting your vote

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 at 1:32 pm

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Race for District 43, House of Representatives

State Representative District 43
Ed Lockwood
Party: Democrat
Campaign: Ed Lockwood for House District 43
Issues/Profile: Lockwood previously ran for the former District 10 representative seat.
He founded a successful small business that has given him the opportunity to provide environmental and lab testing services to a wide range of businesses.
He has since sold that business.
Currently, he has a small farm near Auxvasse where he raises Highland cattle. He also teaches biology at a local college.
On his website, he notes that cutting taxes and claiming it will create jobs does not work alone.
He believes there should be investments (in infrastructure, education, etc.), capital, responsible government, encouraging entrepreneurship, and sustainable living wages.
He wants to create a representatives roundtable to discuss plans for the district.
He also wants to fund schools, seek to streamline regulatory burdens for small businesses, offer tax incentives, push for federal tax dollars, and notes the importance of STEM businesses.
Ed has been married for 28 years and has twin daughters in college and two sons. Lockwood is also on Facebook. He is endorsed by NARAL, Pro-Choice Missouri.
What makes you the right candidate to serve District 43 as its Representative?
I believe I am the right person to serve Audrain County as it’s State Representative as I founded and operated a successful small business by following a written business plan and “always doing what I said I was going to do.”
Customers appreciated that attitude and so do voters.
My opponent, Representative Houghton, campaigned on “helping the common man” but as soon as he got into office he forgot about us and has voted to give away millions in tax cuts to big corporations and special interests while voting for a job killing sales tax on the rest of us.
I have been contacted by many voters who have told me that Houghton is non-responsive when contacted.  I will respond to you!

Why should voters vote for you over the other candidate?
Representative Houghton has not filed any legislation during his terms in office (in a newspaper interview he said he was not a leader and filing legislation was too hard).
I will stand up in Jefferson City and represent Audrain County, and will file legislation needed to improve the economy and create jobs and when needed to protect our home, farm and values.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing District 43?
The biggest problem facing Audrain County is poor economy and lack of jobs.
Over the course of Representative Houghton’s 4 years in office, Missouri has lagged far behind the rest of the Nation in the recovery with our GDP growth at <1.0%.
I have an economic plan to implement and I also want to work with our local leaders and businesses to get their solutions, and I am willing to take those ideas to Jefferson City.

What is your vision for District 43?
My vision for District 43 is to create a unified economic district for Audrain and Callaway Counties.
Currently, we do not have any sort of planning or any one person trying to get us flowing in the same direction.
I see the State Representative position as the one position that covers the entire district, and that person should be the “champion” for the area.
I will have a Representative’s Roundtable to get the input from local people to take to Jeff City, and share what is happening in Jeff City back to the local people.
I will create a written “business plan” and work to coordinate State and Local resources to improve the local economy and create jobs for the new graduates and the older workers who lost their jobs in the recession and have been unable to find sustainable employment.

Rep. Jay Houghton
Party: Republican
Campaign: Jay Houghton for District 43 Representative
Issues/Profile: Rep. Jay Houghton is the incumbent in District 43 after being elected as the District 10 representative in 2010 before district realignment.
In addition to his legislative duties, Rep. Houghton is a swine finishing facility manager with McCaw Farms in Martinsburg. Rep. Houghton is the nephew of former state Rep. Brian Munzlinger, who served the 1st House district from 2002 – 2010. In addition, two of Rep. Houghton’s great uncles and his great-great-grandfather served as state representatives.
Rep. Houghton is a 1984 graduate of Highland High School. He attended the University of Missouri – Columbia.
He’s married and has two sons.
Basic information is available on the House of Representatives website
Rep. Houghton was given a 100% rating by Missouri Right to Life.
What makes you the right candidate to serve District 43 as its Representative?
I am the right candidate for District 43 because I’ve been serving the people here for four years in the legislature. I say serving because I’m not some career politician who heads to Jefferson City and forgets who sent him here. I have cast every single vote in Jefferson City with the needs of the people in my district in mind. I listen to every person that calls my office, writes me a letter, or approaches me on the street—whether they agree with me or not. At the end of the day, I’m an employee, a parent, a patron, and a member of this community.
Why should voters vote for you over the other candidate?
I would say that I am the best candidate for this district because I represent the values and beliefs of the voters. I have a proven track record of supporting issues important to the people of Audrain and Callaway Counties, one that has been supported by the NRA, NFIB, Farm Bureau, YMCA, MRL, the Chamber of Commerce, and many others. I have proven that I can and will work hard for every member of this district.
What do you think is the biggest problem facing District 43?
The biggest problem facing our district is the disconnect between rural and urban issues. This disconnect leads to over- regulation, burdensome laws, and a lack of understanding when it comes to legislation. We have seen time and time again that people who don’t know how life in rural areas work will do everything they can to put a stop to it. I have worked tirelessly in the Missouri House to ensure that every voice counts, and that voters from outside big cities are heard.
What is your vision for District 43?
I look forward to a future with more jobs, less government infringement, and reinforced common sense values for District 43. The people I work for deserve every opportunity available and I am committed to bringing that home.