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VIP grads celebrate success

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2013 at 8:27 am

Community R-VI V.I.P. (Vision Intervention Program) graduates celebrated their 2012-2013 success during the month of May. Mason Carroll (first grader), and Kindergarten students, Joshua Schofield and Lelynn Napolis, enjoyed the theme of “Pirates and Treasure Chests” during the graduation party.

The students visited the Treasure Chest Stations of Pirate Island with the help of V.I.P. Tutors (Mrs. Madsen and Mrs. Steffen). Mrs. Gibson, Elementary Principal, congratulated the students and Mrs. Steffen took pictures.

The students also enjoyed their “pirate” refreshments. Each student had his own barrel of blue “ocean water” to quench his thirst; a choice of a white or a chocolate cupcake that was accented with a red or black bandanna (Community R-VI colors) and a pirate ring, a bag of goldfish, and several large and small edible chocolate gold coins in case of hunger.

The graduates earned a certificate of excellence for participating and making progress during the Community R-VI 2012-13 V.I.P. tutoring sessions. The students were encouraged to continue to be active listeners and utilize the LLTA concept. (L-look, L-listen, T-think, and finally A-Act or follow directions after all  are given by a  teacher or parent).  Long John Silvers of Columbia. was a partner in education as they donated the LJS hats the students wore, with the printed message “I threw boring overboard!”.


The students also received a sheet of tattoos, a pirate pencil and spiral notebook to take home.