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Vandalia’s Virgie Overton reaches 101 in style

Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 11:54 am

DSC_0307Written by Trennesia Jackson-Salmon
101 years of experience, 101 years of getting closer to God, and 101 years of taking care of family.
“Your living, is our blessing to gain,” said family friend, the Reverend Charlene Wheeler-William as she spoke about Virgie.
101 years is a long time and as family and friends walked by to hug her, one couldn’t help but realize they were in the presence of a living history book. A person with so much knowledge, wisdom, and grace.
“I feel great!” said Virgie Overton when asked how she’s doing.
Virgie Overton, the oldest member of Second Christian Church and the oldest surviving member of Lincoln High School, turned 101 Saturday.
On August 27, 2016 her party was held at the Grand Vandalia Hotel.
Food, laughs, and love filled the ballroom as over 60 family and friends gathered for her birthday celebration.
Inez McPike and Catherine Salmon, sisters of Virgie, were in charge of the food. Charles Overton, grandson of Virgie was in charge of the music, and her youngest brother Jesse Salmon Sr. made all the arrangements.
Jeffrey Brown II, grandson of Jesse Salmon Sr., gave the blessing over the food.
The smells of the delicious food filled the room, but it was what happened afterwards that filled everybody’s hearts and souls.
Virgie, more commonly known as ‘Aunt Virgie’ or ‘Mother Virgie,’ is a dedicated stewardess of the church.
As many shared their piece about Virgie, one thing was clear…
This woman was no ordinary woman.
She was described as “an Ambassador of Love” sent down by God, to a woman who has mastered the “power of not saying a word.”
Virgie Overton is a virtuous woman loved by all, who touches the lives of everybody she meets.
As a testament to her life’s work, it couldn’t be more evident in the spirit filled atmosphere that came over her own party.
While comments were made about the woman of the hour, a spirit-filled church service began.
People would talk about Virgie, what she meant to them and afterwards would dedicate a song or two to her and sing it.  What began as a nice gesture early on by Pastor Melvin McCaleb of Second Christian Church, to the church quartet singing with him, led to various others eventually breaking out in song.
As one person began, everybody began to chime in.
Even though she didn’t say much, you could see by the sparkle in her eye that this is how she wanted to spend her birthday, surrounded by family, celebrating her life and Christ.
Virgie is a woman of few words, but when she speaks you can’t help but listen and for a quiet person, her birthday celebration spoke for her.