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Vandalia working to stop inflow and infiltration in city’s 154 manholes

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2020 at 11:56 am

By Barry Dalton

VANDALIA—Ace Pipe Cleaning, contractor for the City of Vandalia, is working to reline 154 manholes this summer. This is the second phase of the city’s Inflow and Infiltration Reduction Plan. Ace Pipe began working on the project June 29. The first phase was completed in Fiscal Year 2014.
“They were working on our wastewater distribution system—specifically they are relining the manholes,” Water/Wastewater Superintendent Dave Sanders said. “What this means is the crews go down into the manholes that have been previously inspected by the city utility crew and reline them with a cementitious grout.”
According to the Ace Pipe Cleaning website, their grouting process is the most economical way to permanently stop leaks in sewers, manholes, tanks, vaults, tunnels and other applications.
“The purpose of the Vandalia project is to stop any inflow and infiltration from coming into the manhole so that the only thing that goes into the wastewater system is wastewater,” Sanders said.
The second phase of the project is estimated to cost approximately $150,000, which was approved by the Vandalia City Council in 2019. There is not a set timetable for completion, but Sanders said it would likely be finished by this August depending on the weather