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Vandalia to change internet service provider

Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 6:45 am

The Board of Aldermen of the City of Vandalia met on Tuesday, Aug. 10, at 5:30 p.m. in regular session.

The board voted unanimously to switch from Windstream to Missouricom for the city’s internet service. City Administrator Darren Berry noted that the cost for switching to Missouricom would be less than what the city is paying Windstream and it would get fiber connection, “which is faster and more reliable.”

The board also voted to discontinue the city’s wireless internet service. When it was first started in 2003, Berry said, it made money. But since 2015, it has lost money. Currently, there are only eight customers using it. The city will contact those customers and give them either a 30- or 60-day notice to find a new provider. This discussed in the board’s July meeting.

Eastern Commissioner Alan Winders informed the board that the Mark Twain Regional Council of Governments would help the county and each town with its American Rescue Funding. He also said that the county is interested in partnering with cities to help with long-term improvements that would have a positive impact.

Kuda elected president of the VFIA

Berry informed Vandalia’s board about the Vandalia Facilities Improvement Authority meeting held on Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021, at City Hall.

At that meeting Berry made the motion that Mayor Ralph Kuda be elected president with a term to expire January 2022. Secretary Brandie Gay seconded the motion and the motion passed. Berry also made a motion that Gay be elected secretary with a term to expire January 2024. Kuda seconded the motion and the motion passed. Gay made a motion that Berry be elected registered agent with a term to expire January 2023. Kuda seconded the motion and the motion passed. Berry made a motion that the slate of officers be presented for approval to the city’s Board of Aldermen, as required by the bylaws. Kuda seconded the motion and the motion passed.

The next VFIA meeting will be held Jan. 11, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Organizational Chart

Berry explained to the council that it has been a number of years since the organizational chart has been updated and approved. The organizational chart shows the government for the City of Vandalia and how it is organized on lines of authority and lines of cooperation.

There will be an organizational chart on file in the city clerk and city administrators’ office. The board approved the update to the chart.

Changes to Section 210

Berry noted that because the city no longer has a police department, changes need to be made to Section 210 of the city code. If approved, it would replace the wording “Vandalia Police Chief” with “City Administrator, or his/her designee” and “Police Department to “City Hall.”

Also, with the rising cost of housing dogs in the city’s kennel, the staff recommends an increase to the redemption fee from $15 to $25, and cost per day maintenance fee from $4 per day to $5 per day. The aldermen decided to revisit this item at next month’s meeting.

Gay said Vandalia adopted the ordinance No. 718 in 1993, which is required to be ratified through resolution every two years. This ordinance requires that each elected official, the city administrator, and the chief purchasing officer report any transactions with a political subdivision over $500, excluding compensation for employment. The ordinance also requires that the city administrator and chief purchasing officer to file a report, naming employers from which they have received any compensation of $1,000 or more during the year. This report must be filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission yearly. The board approved the resolution unanimously.

Administrators Report reported that August is the month that the city increases water and sewer rates based on the Consumer Price Index. This year the CPI increased by 1.4 %. How does this affect customer? Based on a customer’s water usage of 5,000 gallons, one could expect an increase in his or her bill by 30 cents for water and 11 cents for sewer usage.

The water project for Standard Wellness is experiencing some delays. The supply and delivery of the materials are the two major issues, the city reported. Central Metals contacted the city recently, and indicated it intends to start demolition of the building within a couple of weeks

Municipal Judge Jason Newton has turned in his resignation. City staff is in the process of interviewing candidates for his successor.

The City of Vandalia’s codes are now online and there is an app.

The city welcomed Heath Williams as its newest employee. Heath has been hired as a lineman and will be going through the four-year MPUA Apprentice Training Program.