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Vandalia holds Fair

Posted on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 at 10:43 am

"Contagious" entertains the crowd at the Vandalia Area Fair.

“Contagious” entertains the crowd at the Vandalia Area Fair.

The 40th Annual Vandalia Area Fair was held last week in Vandalia. The event featured entertainment acts “Contagious,” “Riverside,” “Wayne Lynn & Friends,” and “Push Band.”
There were also inflatables, a Missouri Pullers Truck and Tractor Show, Mud Pig Catch, Baby Show, Little Mr./Little Miss Contest, Power Wheels Derby, and countless other activities for kids of all ages.Results of the contests include:
Baby Show
0-6 months girls: 1) Payton Riecke, daughter of Anthony and Bethny Riecke, of New Bloomfield; 2) Jazlynne Scott, daughter of Kassie Scott, of Vandalia; 3) Stevie Jane Brookshier, daughter of Steve and Tracy Brookshier, Vandalia.
0-6 months boys: 1) Grayson Newland, son of Wesley and Amy Newland, of Middletown.
7-12 months girls: 1) Amere Echo Eoff, daughter of Coletta Eoff, of Vandalia; 2) Paisley Wilson, daughter of Kaylein Wilson and Slade Luna, of Vandalia; 3) Lilly Truelove, daughter of Tim and Beth Truelove, of Bowling Green.
7-12 months boys: 1) Kooper Cornelius, son of Courtney Rutherford and Brett Cornelius, of Middletown.
13-18 months girls: 1) Mary Kate Ingram, daughter of Brian and Amanda Ingram, of Vandalia; 2) Orianna Clayton, daughter of Jennifer Clayton, of Vandalia.
13-18 months boys: 1)  Payton Riley Elliott, son of Tasha Lennox and Jason Elliott, of Vandalia; 2) Brantley McGlasson, son of David and Danielle McGlasson, of Vandalia; 3) Lincoln Lee, son of David and Kristen Lee, of Marceline.
19-24 months girls: 1) Huntress Cole, daughter of Darryl and Holly Cole, of Mexico; 2) Alyx Woodrow, daughter of Marty and Kasi Woodrow, of Fairbanks, Alaska; 3) Natalie Virden, daughter of Kara Caldwell and Steven Virden, of Curryville.
19-24 months boys: 1) Bentley Davis, son of Ivy Davis, of Laddonia; 2) Jaxen A. Grimmett, son of Hallie N. Dodson, Bowling Green.
25-36 months girls: 1) Olivia Harness, daughter of Alex and Heather Harness, of Bowling Green; 2) Abigail Schlueter, daughter of Adriana Schlueter, of Vandalia; 3) Ava Bornhop, daughter of Blake and Lacey Bornhop, of Vandalia.
Grand champion boy and girl are Payton Riecke, daughter of Anthony and Bethny Riecke, of New Bloomfield, and Kooper Cornelius, son of Courtney Rutherford and Brett Cornelius, of Middletown.

Little Miss Contest
2nd runner-up) Molly Lennox, Bowling Green, left; Little Miss Charli Lain, of Monroe City, center; 1st runner-up) Emma Evans, Vandalia (No Little Mr. participants)

Missouri Farm Pullers
10 mph-#1-6,500: 1) Chris Sjostrand, Ashland, 314.68; 2) Merle Kenady, Timewell, Ill., 312.5; 3) Randell Galloway, Centralia, 311.77
10 mph-#8-7,500: 1) Pecos McCall, Holliday, 297.12; 2) Don Mutter, Cairo, 296.33; 3) Randell Galloway, Centralia, 275.92
12.5 mph-#12-12,500: 1) Terry Barnes, Columbia, 275.85; 2) Edward Babb, Farber, 275.66; 3) Jerred Robinson, Sturgeon, 264.53
12.5 mph-#15-8,500: 1) Jerry Bird, Madison, 295.98; 2) Don Mutter, Cairo, 293.13; 3) Marvin Brammer, Madison, 292.78
12.5 mph-#2-10,500: 1) Andy Burkemper, Elsberry, 295.44; 2) Dwayne Heitman, Foley, 272.31; 3) Scott Lipscomb, Sturgeon, 267.22
12.5 mph-#5-9,500: 1) Norman Ross, Clark, 287.69; 2) Charlie Gibbs, Moberly, 280.85; 3) Toby Friedrich, Boonville, 272.97
12.5 mph-#7-11,500: 1) Shannon Winkler, Columbia, 301.36; 2) Edward Babb, Farber, 300.6; 3) Jim Hardecke, Owensville, 298.89
4×4 Trucks-#9a-Street Stock: 1) Phillip Culwell, Bowling Green, 248.86; 2) Les Arms, Fulton, 242.72; 3) Dale Oberlag, Kingdom City, 235.38
4×4 Trucks-#9b-Super Street Stock: 1) Hardin Sunderland, Fayette, 275.03; 2) Jason Betz, Curryville, 265.73; 3) Lester Arms, Fulton, 185.16
8 mph-#11-10,500: 1) Bill Lipscomb, Sturgeon, 293.8; 2) Tim Brammer, Madison, 293.48; 3) Michael Orth, Centralia, 289.87
8 mph-#13-6,500: 1) Chris Sjostrand, Ashland, 235.41; 2) Greg Frink, Fayette, 197.25
8 mph-#3-11,500: 1) Tim Brammer, Madison, 304.94; 2) Bill Lipscomb, Sturgeon, 300.03; 3) Joe Kellogg, Madison, 294.84
8 mph-#4-7,500: 1) Tom Culwell, Vandalia, 279.43; 2) Pecos McCall, Holliday, 278.35; 3) Don Mutter, Cairo, 267.44
8 mph-#6-12,500: 1) Greg Buckman, Hallsville, 303.8

Mud Pig Catch
Girls Ages 6-8: 1) V.V. Chiarottino/Elliott Utterback, 12.5 seconds; 2) Bella Hopkins/Nevaeh Long, 13.85 seconds; 3) Elliot Utterback/Mylec Keller, 14.96 seconds
Boys Ages 6-8: 1) Kaleb Baskett/Garrett Hopke, 47.63 seconds; 2) Maxx Schuckenbrock/Slade Keller, 54.75 seconds
Girls Ages 9-12: 1) Mara Jensen/Madelyn Caldwell, 11.41 seconds; Madelyn Caldwell/Abby Carlyle, 14.22 seconds; 3) Grace Nation/Maddie Parker, 14.81 seconds
Boys Ages 9-12: No times.
Girls Ages 13-15: 1) Emily Humphrey/Bethany Regot, 24.40 seconds; 2) McCaylyn Drainer/Mackenzie Replogle, 1:27; 3) McCaylyn Drainer/Abagail Repologle, 1:46
Boys Ages 13-15: 1) Cayden Caldwell/Clayton Heaton, 6.75 seconds; 2) Zack Parker/Blake Millner, 33.29 seconds
Girls Ages 16+: 1) Jayda Borgmeyer/Hailey Hopke, 16.81 seconds; 2) Mara Jensen/Hailey Hopke, 37.40 seconds
Boys Ages 16+: No times.

Cattle Show
Lance Fort-First in Hereford Jr. Yearling
Lance Hudson-First place Sim. Summer Yearling; Senior Showmanship Winner
Aidan Oswald-First place Sim. Jr. Yearling; First place Cross Senior Heifer; Grand Champion Heifer; First place Class 1 Steer; Second place Class 3 Steer; Grand Champion Steer
Luke Bruns-First place Cross Jr. Heifer Calf; Junior Showmanship Winner
Austin Thomas-First place Cross Jr. Yearling; Reserve Champion Heifer
Clara Wallace-Second place Cross Jr. Yearling; Second place Class 1 Steer; First place Class 3 Steer
Ty Evans-Third place Cross Jr. Yearling
Dalton Dameron-Fourth place Cross Jr. Yearling
Brooke Bruns-First place Cow/Calf Pair; Second Place Class 2 Steer
Jack Norfleet-Fourth place Class 1 Steer; Fourth place Class 2 Steer
Parker Wallace-Third place Class 1 Steer; Fifth place Class 3 Steer
Renee Nelson-First place Class 2 Steer; Third place Class 2 Steer; Reserve Champion Steer
Nick VanSchyndel-Third place Class 3 Steer
Alex Kleinsorge-Fourth place Class 3 Steer
Tucker Robinett-Fifth place Class 3 Steer
Lauren Robinett-Sixth place in the Class 3 Steer event