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Vandalia Drug is going to be missed by local community

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 3:38 pm

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

For several decades, the corner of Main and Washington Streets has been a landmark for the Vandalia community. That corner has been much more than just a place for area residents to pick up their medicine and other pharmaceutical needs. It’s been a location where customers, young and old, have come together and enjoyed one another’s company.
It’s been a place where names have been added to prayer lists for health and financial needs…A place where lifelong friends could still get together and reflect on the days of old…A place where the needs of others were discussed and plans were made on how to meet them…A place where locals could keep each other updated on those visiting town and on those still living far away…The Vandalia Drug gave customers and out-of-town visitors the chance to revisit their childhood by purchasing refreshments from one of the only soda fountains still in operation in the state.
It was also known as the home of the nickel cup of coffee. Both services and the many memories made at Vandalia Drug will definitely be missed by many in the area.
This type of environment is not something easy to replace. It takes commitment from business owners like Joe and Debbie Salois to still offer these types of services while not making much of a profit on them. The two, as well as their faithful customers, should be commended for keeping the traditions alive through the many years.
There’s hopes that somebody might step up and take on the task of creating a similar atmosphere at the location in the future. That may or may never happen.
Fortunately, the same staff is moving over to the new County Market Pharmacy. The Vandalia area’s pharmaceutical needs will still be met, saving all of us time from driving out of town to pick up what we need. For this, we need to be grateful.
While many Vandalia Leader readers might shed a tear this week when looking at the front page of the newspaper as an era comes to a close, may we never forget the memories from the time spent at not just a business, but a historic landmark.
A big thank you goes to all of those who helped make the local pharmacy experience a special one in town through the years.