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Vandalia discusses I&I program activities

Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 8:46 am

The City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen discussed Inflow and Infiltration Program possibilities and funding during their recent meeting held Tuesday, March 13.
According to city minutes, Utilities Superintendent Aaron Rentfro  told the group that the program is required by the Wastewater Permit and is needed to reduce the amount of storm water that enters the sewer collection system and ultimately the lagooon.
This effects the treatment process of the lagoon which is being monitored currently by the Department of Natural Resources and treatment limits are becoming more stringent.
It was noted that I&I comes from storm water entering the collection system through cracks in pipes and manholes.
The I&I program’s activities would include cleaning and televising lines, putting liner in “bad” lines, manhole lining, line replacement, manhole replacement, and removing intentional storm water introduction into the sewer. The program will reportedly never be “completed” and will likely take many years to cover the collection system one time.
Currently, the City of Vandalia has approximately 25 miles (132,000 feet) of sewer lines and 250 manholes. The current cost to clean and televise is about $2.25 per foot. The cost for lining of sewer lines costs over $30 per foot. Manhole lining costs are between $1,000 and $2,000 per manhole.
A program attempting to cover the entire city in 15-20 years will need to address one to two miles of sewer line and 10-20 manholes per year. Cleaning and televising two miles (10,560 feet) of sewer line ($23,760) and rehabilitate 10-20 manholes ($10-$40,000), this will cost about $50,000. The costs do not include sewer pipe lining, replacement or repair, which will be necessary.
It was reported it would be reasonable to expect to need to line 3,000 feet of sewer line at a cost of $90,000. This would mean a total annual cost of $140,000.
The sewer surcharge is really the only viable option for funding such a program. The current sewer surcharge is .60 cents per thousand and produces approximately $70,000 in revenue.
Aldermen discussed the possible increase of a surcharge and it was noted the the city’s rates would still be among the lowest in the area.
After discussion, staff was directed to bring information back for approval in a future meeting.
Aldermen approved the requested contract amount of $11,201, which is the same as last year’s request, with the Audrain City-County Health Unit. The move was made since the new tax doesn’t go into effect until January 1, 2013.
The ACCHU routinely provides the following services: restaurant inspections, Public Health nursing, WIC, as well as Family Planning and Home Health and Hospice Services.
Agencies also in the compact agreement with the ACCHU are the Audrain County Commission, AMC, and City of Mexico.
City Clerk Karen Shaw acts as the City of Vandalia representative on the Board of Directors for the ACCHU.
Everbridge System
Aldermen approved the signature of the Everbridge Emergency Notification System Cooperating Entity Payment Plan Agreement that costs $1,000 per year for three years.
Vandalia Police Chief Tony Laird said the system will work with the current siren system and provided copies of the city’s siren policy.
Bench Placement
Approval was given to WERDCC to place a bench in a city park. According to the minutes, the WERDCC is celebrating Crime Victims’ Rights Week in April and requests to have a dedication for the bench after installation. The city would be responsible for picking a location for the bench as well as the actual installation.