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Vandalia city council sets sights on modernization

Posted on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 2:21 pm

By Clay Coleman

VANDALIA—Vandalia city council came together on Tuesday, Nov. 12, to discuss the previous and current month’s agenda and set its sights on modernizing city billing and community notifications.
During the question and answer session, city residents brought to the council’s attention the lack of notification concerning a city water outage and a water boil advisory.
When asked if the city knew about the disruptions from the previous week, City Administrator Darren Berry said, “We did not, and that is a problem.” When asked why the city does not have a Facebook page to communicate with Vandalia residents, Berry replied, “It would be nice to have had that. We are exploring all those avenues.”
Also brought to the council’s attention was how residents pay for their city services, such as sewer and water. Residents complained to the board that they have to pay their bill each month by cash or check and that they should have the option to pay electronically.
“The problem is our billing software,” Berry explained. Like the water outage, no one is more aggravated than me.”
Other items brought up at the meeting were, an approval to use solid waste grant money for the purchase of playground equipment for Daniels and Partee parks, a recommendation to change group health insurance coverage for city employees, delay discussion on wastewater regionalization with the city of Curryville, and an update on a new police reporting system that will assist the department with subject identification and incident history.