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Vandalia area residents enjoy packed Prairie Days schedule

Posted on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 1:04 pm

CORN-HUSKING---DSC_0452This year’s Prairie Days featured many contests on Saturday, September 27. Winners include:

Baby Show Results

0-6 months boys. 1) Ian Hull, son of Lori Allison and Aarron Hull; 2) Jackson Dameron, son of Jason and Sonya Dameron.
0-6 months girls. 1) Olivia Harness, daughter of Alex and Heather Harness; 2) Ceilidh (Kaylee) Montgomery, daughter of Joel and Janis Montgomery; 3) MaReesa Murrow daughter of Michael and Katie Murrow
7-12 months boys. 1) Brooks Wyatt, son of Andy and Kerri Wyatt; 2) Caden Goodman, son of Dave and Amy Goodman; 3-tie) Jeremiah Jacobs, son of Brittany Buckholz and Johnathan Jacobs; 3-tie)Kamden Starks, son of Phillip and Shauna Starks
7-12 months girls. 1) Teagan Fowler, daughter of Donnie Fowler and Brittany Franklin; 2) Natalie Hainline, daughter of Nelson and Stephanie Hainline; 3) Lyric Ward, daughter of Travis and Donaza Ward 13-24 months boys. 1) Memphis Flowers, son of Megan Trower and Justin Flowers; 2)Levi S. Smith, son of Katie and Ian Smith.
13-24 months girls: 3) KayeLee Schambach, daughter of Samantha and Casey Schambach; 2)Oakland Welch, daughter of Danelle M. Aulbur; 1) Kinley Kuda, daughter of Amy and Derek Kuda 25-35 months boys: 1) Austin McCurdy, son of Jill and Charles McCurdy; 2)Cannnon Jennings, son of Joe and Robyn Jennings; 3) Cooper Sharp, son of Darby and Kristina Sharp, far right, tied with Greyson Rothwell. son of Alex and Candice Rothwell 25-35 months girls: 1) Adryonna Smith, daughter of Ivy Davis; 2) Alexis Jade Elliott, daughter of Tasha Lennox and Jason Elliott; 3)Paige Dameron, daughter of Jason and Sonya Dameron; tied with Kori McIntire, daughter of Shelby Brinkley and Chris McIntire
Grand Champions Austin McCurdy and Kinley Kuda.
Volleyball Tournament
First place team “Stunt Busters” includes Chance Evans, Kyley Barnes, Kari Griffen, and Michael Eckler.
Washer Tournament
1) Leon Shaw and Steve Risenhoover; 2) Benny Burnett and Joe Baker; 3) Clint Vomund and Chance Vomund
5K/10K Race
Overall 5k winners–First place Lathyn McMorris from Vandalia with a time of 20:34. Second place Korbin Hays and third place Rachel Ray-Williams. Not pictured: 5k Male over 40–Mike Ray.
5K Female under 40–1) Rachel Ray-Williams; 2) Amanda Reading; 3) Lara Krautkraemer. 5K Female over 40 (not pictured): 1) Teresa Winders; 2) Cindy Kohl; 3) Jan Albright
10K run: 1) Jessie Keough, from Mexico; 2)  Debbie Spurling, from Mexico; 3-tie) Carli and Susan Farrell, from Vandalia. (photo from cell phone)
Super Farmer Contest
1) Austin Windland and Candice Gatson; 2)Lindsey Nitcher and Will Hopke; 3) Autumn Sutton and Joseph Hazel, and Gayle Hazel and Sam Hazel, tied for third
Motorcycles Contest
Dirt Bike
1) Marcus (PJ) Perkins, of Vandalia
Pre 1998
1) Charles Stroker,  of Vandalia
1) Jr. Lund, of Bethel, Mo.; 2) Brad Seger, of Warrenton, Mo.
1) Karen Reading, of Vandalia
Harley-Victory Cruiser
1) Bobbie Choate, of Warrenton, Mo.; 2) Danny Branstetter, of Vandalia
Harley-Victory Touring
1) Steve Slawson, of Bowling Green, Mo.; 2) Randy Ragland, of Perry, Mo.
Metric Touring
1) Eric Shepard, of Jefferson City, Mo.; 2) Gary Bishop, of Vandalia
Metric Cruiser
1) Roy McQuade, of Vandalia
1) Lucas Gibson, of Vandalia; 2) Richard Ruby, of Vandalia
Corn Husking Contest
Shown, from left: 3) Joe Hazel; 2) Mike Ray; 1) Marlene Fischer.
3-on-3 Basketball
1st Place in the Boy’s 9th – 12th grade division – (team name Shooters) – left to right – Sharrod Connor, Ryan Reynolds, Brenden Bixby
1st Place in the Girls’ 4th-5th grade division – (team name All-Stars) – left to right – Grace Deters, Klair Elzea, Mara Jensen, and Natalie Bybee
1st Place – Girls 6th – 8th grade division – from left to right is Kaitlyn Kuntz, Jayle Jennings, Gabi Deters (Team Name the Blue Angels)
1st Place – Boys 6th – 8th grade division – from left to right is Logan Wilson, Rylee Hanson, Caden Wilburn, and Treyson Culwell (Team Wilburn)
2nd Place – Boys 6th – 8th grade divison – from left to right is Trey Miller, Peyton Dans, and Luke Hicks (Super Squad)
3rd place – 6th- 8th grade division – Left to right – MaKayla McAfee, Alyse Jensen, Tessa Kuda, Olivia Grady (team name – Elite Ballers)
3rd place – 6th – 8th grade division – left to right – Sam Middleton, Collin Wilburn, Gavin Deters (team name – C. Wilburn)
2nd Place – 9th – 12th grade division – Josh Hodde, Brayden Christian, Lathyn McMorris, Colten Jensen (team name Swamp Donkeys)
3rd place – Boy’s – 9th – 12th grade division – (team name 0-100) – members – Cameron Perkins, Junior Salmon, Tyson Suttle
3rd place – Boy’s – 6th – 8th grade division – (team name – Indians) – members – Cayden Caldwell, Jaydan DeTienne, Preston Burnett, and Latrell Wright
1st place – Boys – 4th – 5th grade division – (team name – Miller Farms) – members – Matt Jennings, Jesse Miller, Gavyn Potter, and Kaden Klocke
2nd Place – Girl’s 6th – 8th grade division – (team name – Nothing Ers) – members – Emma Barnes, Panna Connaway, Anna Lynn Culwell, Audrey Dean
1st Place – Men’s 18-30 year old division – (team name – Ballers) – members – Johnathan Jacobs, Shaun Overton, Devontay Wilkerson
2nd place – Men’s 18-30 year old division – (team name – Bulldogs) – members – Chad Troy, Sam Lee, Isaac Troy

Little Miss Jacy Lowrance, daughter of Tim and Maria Lowrance, and Little Mr. Jon Bralon Jacobs, son of Brittany Buckholz and Johnathan Jacobs.