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Vandalia approves street improvement plan

Posted on Friday, July 17, 2020 at 11:52 am

By Barry Dalton

VANDALIA—The Vandalia Board of Aldermen board unanimously approved a social media policy for city staff, the 2019-20 Annual Financial Audit Report, a clinical laboratory service agreement with Pike County Memorial Clinic and the 2020 Street Improvement Plan during their meeting Tuesday night.
The board also listened to a report for discussion from City Clerk Brandie Gay about a potential Community Development Block Grant opportunity. If submitted and approved by the Missouri Department of Economic Development, the voluntary program could help owners voluntarily dispose of dilapidated private properties. Gay’s report noted that Ward II currently has 63 derelict properties with only 15 of them having utilities.
Social Media Policy: The policy outlines what city staff cannot do on city computers, such as gambling and dating sites. It also outlines guidelines forbidding staff from using personal social media accounts to harass or discriminate against coworkers, create a hostile work environment, divulge confidential information or harm the City’s image. The policy is similar to policies adopted by other municipalities and governmental agencies.
2019-20 Annual Financial Audit Report: An audit of the City of Vandalia’s finances was conducted by Dennis G. Koch, CPA. The audit report shows no negative findings.
Clinical Laboratory Services Agreement:This agreement authorizes the city to enter into an agreement with Pike County Memorial Clinic for alcohol and drug testing of city employees. This is the first agreement proposal since SSM terminated its contract. The effective date of this agreement has not yet been determined, but approval by the board allows the city to proceed with finalizing the contract. The fee structure with Pike County Memorial Clinic is in line with previous agreements. Once this agreement begins, city staff will also be able to log into the clinic’s online system to more quickly schedule appointments and check results.
2020 Street Improvement Plan: Approval of the city street improvement plan authorizes $40,000 to chip seal 50 to 60 city blocks. The city plans to begin paving streets as early as Monday, July 20, weather permitting. Crews will work on the project in the mornings, beginning an hour earlier than they did during last year’s operations. The city determines which city blocks to chip seal based on street condition ratings conducted by public works staff. A complete list of street ratings is available by contacting the city.