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Vandalia aldermen discuss open positions

Posted on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 10:11 am

Street Superintendent Dave Hamby addresses the City of Vandalia’s Board of Alderman.

Street Superintendent Dave Hamby addresses the City of Vandalia’s Board of Alderman.

The City of Vandalia’s Board of Alderman discussed briefly the positions of Police Chief and City Administrator.
According to the drafted city minutes, Interim City Administrator Debbie Hopke told the group that Police Chief Position Profile is necessary in order to proceed with the process of hiring a Police Chief.
At the July meeting, the board was asked to fill out questionnaires for the purpose of letting staff know what qualities are important to the board regarding qualifications for Police Chief applicants.
Staff received only a few completed questionnaires, and based on the way the forms were completed, the data was hard to compile.
In order to be sure that staff has complete and accurate information from the board, one final questionnaire is requested to be turned in by the end of the meeting tonight.
In the hiring process for city employees, applicants are rated, then the highest rated applicants are selected, depending on the qualities that are important for that position.
As for the position of City Administrator, Hopke told the group that this item is necessary to provide staff with direction on proceeding with the search for a new city administrator.
A draft ad was provided, taken from the job described in City Code.
Recommendation from staff is to advertise this position in the MML “Review” publication, the Columbia Tribune, the Hannibal Courier Post, the ICMA (International City Managers Association) publication, The Vandalia Leader, and the Peoples Tribune.
After discussion, Alderman Larry Holt moved to approve the draft ad for City Administrator and approve the placement of the ad in recommended media.
Approval of
Culvert Policy
Street Superintendent Dave Hamby explained that the City has historically allowed no concrete over driveway culverts which are in the city’s right-of-way.
However, there are instances where this has not held true.
To provide a uniform set of guidelines, the recommendation from staff is to allow surfacing over driveway culverts when all policy criteria is met as follows;
• An expansion joint needs to be in place on the property owner’s side of the culvert.
• The edge of the driveway surface needs to be at or below street level.
• Any damage to the surfacing over the culvert due to City work will be replaced with gravel, not the original surface.
• Property owner would sign an agreement acknowledging their participation in the policy procedures.
• An inspection by City staff would occur before the project begins and upon completion.
The recommendation from staff is to approve the driveway/culvert policy.
After discussion, Alderman John  Weiser moved to approve the driveway/culvert policy with the added suggestion (not requirement) that the concrete have additional expansion joints over the culvert, with no reinforcement rod in the section over the culvert. It was carried unanimously.
Purchasing Property
Aldermen unanimously approved a measure, with Alderman Holt abstaining, to have staff proceed with the process of purchasing property at 201 S. Oak St.
The property is owned by Brandy and Jason Holt. This property sits across the street from the power plan to the south and consists of two lots.
The purchase of this property secures a location for the future rebuilding of the substation.
The purchase price is $7,000.
The July meeting minutes and accounts payable were approved.
The approval of Mayor Ralph Kuda’s appointment to the Vandalia Housing Authority was an issue not discussed due to a need for more information.
Hopke told the group that approval of Bill No. 15-1153 would authorize Mayor Kuda to sign a MPUA/APPA/NRECA Mutual Aid Agreement. Approval includes all states currently included in the Mutual Aid Agreement.
The City of Vandalia last approved an agreement with MPUA back in 2006. Since that time, new states have been included in the program, and approval of this item would update us to include those additional surrounding states without shifting to a national FEMA agreement.