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Van-Far Summer School Bus Routes

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 2:49 pm

N1210P31010CWith summer school registration dealines long past, these routes are formulated using data available to me as of May 23, 2014.  Again this year you need to remember that bus stops will be at street intersections and in most cases will not be your regular year bus stop.  Also with using only 5 routes this year, your driver will probably be different.  For now these start times are approximate and will be adjusted as needed.
Bus 1 (Frey)  Start 7:00  McCurdy> McCurdy> Martin> Schlotter> Town.
Town stops:  Home/Lindell> Lindell/ Woodlawn> State/ Jefferson> Jefferson/ Washington> Washington/ Oak> Washington/ Vine> Washington/ Daniels> Washington/ Myrtle> to Elem.
Bus 3 (L Smith)  Start 7:05  Justin Hopke> Cummins> Carlyle> Hays> Jenson(pm)> Wright> Wright> Willis> Town.  Town stops: Prior (pm)> Elm/Union> Elm/Olive> Elm/Park> Highland/ Union> Highland/Home> Highland/Haig> Haig/Monroe> Monroe/Bland> Monroe/Home>  Monroe/Walsh> Clark/Union> Clark/Park> Clark/State> to Elem.
Bus 4 (Ball)  Start 7:00 Chrisman> Selsor (am)> Carman> Butler(pm)> Starks> Ruby> McAfee> town.  Town stops: 54/Harrison> Page/ Taylor> Page/ Main> 505 Main> Alford Dr.> 100 W. Arlington(2 stops, Maggard/Hays)> Sixth/Jefferson> Jefferson/Page> Page/Lindell> to Elem.
Bus 6 (Spires): Start 6:55  Evans> Gibson (am only)> Farber in this order: Lynn’s, Christian, Gay, Williams (pm only), Stubblefield, Donaldson, to Vandalia.  Vandalia town route: TCCC (pm)> Betty Barber> 806 Galloway> 812 Galloway> Oak/Daniels> Daniels/Carr (temp)> Daniels/Jefferson> Arlington/Jefferson>Arlington/Maple> Missouri/Maple> Sixth/Walnut> Sixth/Maple> Sixth/Oak> St. John/Lincoln> Lincoln/Page> Stanich> Lumbert> Gaslight Apts. To Elem.
Bus 9 (K Smith): Start 7:00  Bybee> Stuart Trucking (pm)> Schambach> Dorris/Stinnett> Caldwell> Childs> Caldwell> Town.  Town route: Fourth/Jefferson> Jefferson/Bland (Tapley)> 314 W. Bland (am only)> 1000 S. Maple> 1200 S. Maple> Limit/ Vine> S. Central/ Booker> S. Central (Spires)> Bland/Cleveland> Cleveland/ Home> Walnut/Walsh> Lincoln/Woodlawn> Maple/Union> Maple/Park> Park/ Jefferson> Elem.