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Van-Far students star in “Game of Tiaras”

Posted on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 12:46 pm

Cinderella (Kiera Hayden) looks to stab Belle (Madison Swank) in the back.

Van-Far’s Theater Department presented the school production “Game of Tiaras” that was directed by teacher Jenniffer Hanson. Makayla Vigil was the assistant director while music was under the direction of Alex Cucciarre and Kay Bunge.
The play began a long, long time ago in a magical kingdom (England) when an aging king decides to split his empire between is three daughters: Cinderella, Belle, and the Snow Queen.
Tragedy ensues, which is called a “terrible, hilarious tragedy.”
Combining the gut-wrenching plot twists of “Game of Thrones” and the soul-numbing despair of a Shakespearean tragedy, this adaptation of King Lear gave the au-dience many “dying with laughter” moments while the body count mounts.
It was noted that when folks play “Game with Tiaras,” some win and some die.
The cast includes:
Colin Wilburn (Narrator 1) and Skylar Curtis (Narrator 2)
The Princesses
Harley Young (Snow White), Madison Swank (Belle), Kiera Hayden (Cinderella), Aubrey Bunge (Ellie-Snow Queen), and Makayla Vigil (Little Mermaid)
The Dudes
Cameron Barsé (King), Jayson Orr (Prince Charming), Morgan Slatten (Smeagol), Ethan Winders (French Prince), Mckenna Engh-Hoffman (Animated Snowman), Kinley Cashman (Executioner), McKenna Engh-Hoffman (Talking Candle Man), Anthony Cole (Blood Packet Guy), Katelyn Sutton (Herald), Kyleigh Preson (Dwarf 1-Bobby), and August Foster (Dwarf 2-Tony)
Cinderella’s Henchmen
Layla Ogden (Guard 1), Blake Foster (Guard 2), and Katelyn Sutton (Guard 3)
Ellie’s (Snow Queen)
Kasydea Puls (Soldier 1), Clara Wallace (Soldier 2), and Myka Cashman (Soldier 3)
Team Belle
Morgan Regot (French Soldier 1), Ayla Kampeter (French Soldier 2), and Melissa Carmichael (French Soldier 3)
Little Mermaid’s
Death Squad
Sharon Baur (Princess Leai), Abby Carlyle (Princess Jasmine), and Karisa Hayden (Pocohontas)
Other Cast
Paige Wilson (Talking Teapot Lady), Ayla Kampeter (Peasant 1), Myka Cashman (Girl)
Ladies of the Court
Kinley Cashman, Myka Cashman, Melissa Carmichael, Aisha Ezeta, August Foster, Ayla Kampeter, Kyleigh Preston, Clara Wallace, and Paige Wilson