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Van-Far students present “Into the Woods” musical

Posted on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 8:31 am

Cinderella’s Prince with Cinderella.

The Van-Far R-I Theater Department performed the musical “Into the Woods” during a performance held last Friday and Saturday at the district.
The musical has a mix of intertwining plots from the Brothers Grimm and Charles Perrault fairy tales. It included main characters from “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Jack and the Beanstalk,” “Rapunzel,” “Cinderella,” and more.
This year’s musical was directed by teacher Jenniffer Hanson with musical accompaniment from Kay Bunge, Denise Allen, Trevor Winders, Skylar Curtis, Jackson Cook, and Andrew Morris.
The cast included Ethan Winders (Narrator), Ashley Stanich (Cinderella), Harley Young (Jack), Aubrey Bunge (Jack’s mom), Colin Wilburn (The Baker), Autumn Brookshier (The Baker’s Wife), Audrey Williams (Cinderella’s Stepmother), Bethany Grimes (Lucinda), Layla Ogden (Florinda), Abby Carlyle (Little Red Riding Hood), Makayla Vigil (The Witch), Katelyn Sutton (Cinderella’s Mother), Morgan Slatten (Mysterious Man, Giant) Skylar Curtis (Wolf), Sharon Baur (Rapunzel), Dylan Grimes (Rapunzel’s Prince), Jayson Orr (Cinderella’s Prince), Fulton Walsh (Steward), Zyah Griffith (Sleeping Beauty), Myka Cashman (Snow White), August Foster (Granny), and Aisha Ezeta (Cinderella’s Father).