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Van-Far students get good scores at districts

Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Van-Far’s Men’s Vocal Trio members Jayson Orr, Colin Wilburn, and Cameron Barsé.

The Van-Far Music Department had several strong performances at the annual District Band/Vocal Contests held this past weekend in Mexico, Mo.
The large group for band received three scores on the floor and one for sight-reading.
They received a “2”, “2”, and a “1” on the floor and a “2” for sight-reading for a “2” overall.
“We played very well on the floor.,” said Van-Far Music Teacher Alex Cucciarre. “We put on a great show, but there were some fundamental flaws that kept us from achieving the top score. Overall, I’m happy with our constant improvement and look forward to pushing us to the next level.”
The large group for choir got straight “2’s” on the floor and a “3” in sight-reading.
“The choir sang a great set today.,” Cucciarre said. “All in all, it comes down to our fundamental technique that will push us to the top. As for our sight-reading, we still have some work on developing this skill. However, this has been the best we’ve done at competition since I have been here. We still have lots to work toward, but I’m proud of them all!”
During Solo and Ensemble, several Van-Far students received the “Outstanding” ranking. These students were Jayson Orr (French Horn), Ethan Winders (Trumpet), Averie Cottrell (Alto Sax), Aubrey Bunge (Flute), Lauren Shaw (Clarinet), Dylan Gaage (Snare Drum), Ashley Stanich (Soprano), Sharon Baur (Soprano), Makayla Vigil (Alto), and the Men’s Vocal Trio (members are Jayson Orr, Colin Wilburn, and Cameron Barsé).
“Solo and Ensemble was a learning event for us; many of these students have not performed in a small group, or as a soloist in any capacity,” Cucciarre said.
“We had a lot of wonderful musical moments created, and we have learned what we need to do in the future. I’m excited for the coming years and I’m super proud of everyone’s performances!”