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Van-Far set to host districts

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 9:21 am

The Van-Far R-I School District is hosting their first district basketball tournament since 2005 the week of February 27-March 3.
Van-Far Athletic Director Holly Jungers said the district is thankful for the opportunity to host seven school districts and 12 area teams.
“We’re looking forward to it,” she said. “It’s not just something for the school, it’s for the whole community. It’s going to be a week of good basketball and we encourage everyeone to come out.”
The official brackets for both the Class 2, Dis-trict 5 boys and girls basketball tournaments were released this weekend after coaches and the tournament committee met on Saturday to determine the seeds.
Jungers said the tournament committee of Clopton’s Adam Falloon, Silex’s Robert James, and Paris’ Wade Billington helped make the hour long seeding process a success.
“I’ve had a really great tournament committee,” she said.
“Those guys have been a huge help since each have hosted a district before…I set (the meeting) up and those guys pretty much ran it. I think everything fell into place and I think everybody knows this is going to be a fairly balanced tournament.”
Knowing that parking might be a concern for some patrons attending districts, Jungers said extra steps have been taken to open as many spots as possible.
Busses as well as any one with a pass or those working the evening of the games will be parking on the west side of the building in the parking lot outside of the Ag room. Officials will have their own designated parking.
There will also be Van-Far representatives in the parking lot directing patrons to parking spots.
“So the entire parking lot is going to be freed up for every one attending districts as a patron,” Jungers said. “So I think we’ll be able to get everybody in and out. We also always have access to the gravel road but I hope we won’t have to do that. I think we’ll be okay.”
The busiest nights of the week will be Monday and Tuesday as eight teams will play on both nights, the girls on Monday and the boys on Tuesday.
Admission costs $4 and no regular passes will be accepted unless on the approved pass list.
Concessions will be run by the Van-Far Booster Club and expected to include meal type items on the menu. The Hospitality Room will be open for those on the pass list and other approved officials. It will be run by Teresa Klott.
Each team will also have their own team host to help them during the length of their involvement in the tournament.
Girls Tournament
Monday, February 27: Clopton (1) vs. Wellsville (8) 6 p.m.; New Bloomfield (4) vs. Community R-VI (5) 9 p.m.; Silex (2) vs. Louisiana (7) 7:30 p.m.; Paris (3) vs. Van-Far (6) 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday, February 29: Semifinals at both 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Friday, March 2: Finals at 7 p.m.
Boys Tournament
Tuesday, February 28: Community R-VI (1) vs. New Bloomfield (8) 6 p.m.; Silex (4) vs. Van-Far (5) 9 p.m.; Louisiana (2) vs. Paris (7) 7:30 p.m.; Clopton (3) vs. Wellsville (6) 4:30 p.m.
Thursday, March 1: Semifinals at both 6 p.m. and 7 p.m.
Saturday, March 3: Finals at 6 p.m.