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Van-Far seniors total more than $515,000 in scholarships

Posted on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 4:49 am

Scholarships totaling $515,649 were awarded to Van-Far seniors as they were recognized during the Senior Awards Night held on Friday, May 15.
The list of awards recipients includes:
Senior Academic Recognition: Abilene Gatson, Brooke James, Kayleigh Kohl, Warren Kraft, Bryan Mink, Sarah Motley, Molly Nagel, and Breanna Strange
Perfect Attendance: Brooke James
A+ Recognition by Joy Davis and Kyle Fisher, Chamber Member: Katelyn Allen, Abilene Gatson, Kayelee Harrower, Nicole Harvey, Jeremy Hornback, Annaliese Hubert, Brooke James, Kayleigh Kohl, Nathan Kraft, Warren Kraft,  Kayleigh McBride, Bryan Mink, Sarah Motley, Brandon Otis, Lucas Robinson, Christopher Ruby, Breanna Strange, Cody Swarthout, and Chevi Windland
A+ Century Tutors (over 100 hours of tutoring) by Joy Davis: Katelyn Allen and Brooke James

High School Awards
Accounting: Breanna Strange; Micro-Computers: Breanna Strange, Kayleigh McBride, Bryan Mink, and Molly Nagel; Retiring FBLA Officers: Bryan Mink and Nathan Kraft; Business Student of the Year: Kayleigh McBride
Top Percentage in Statistics:  Abilene Gatson; Top Percentage Calculus: Nathan Kraft
Scholar Bowl
Four years participation: Bryan Mink and Nathan Kraft
Hayley Carpenter, Brandon Ball, and Kayleigh McBride
Chemistry I with 90 percent or higher all year:  Molly Nagel, Breanna Strange, Abilene Gatson,
Editors, Katelyn Allen and Bryan Mink
Family & Consumer Sciences
Child Development, highest percentage in class both semesters: Brooke James; Housing, Maintaining an A all 2nd semester: Breanna Strange; Career & Family Leadership, Maintaining an A all 2nd semester: Nicole Harvey; TSA Certification: Brooke James and Breanna Strange
93% or A for all four quarters, Geography: Brandon Ball; Ancient History: Brandon Ball, Bryan Mink, Warren Kraft; Psychology, and Molly Nagel
Personal Finance
Conner Albrecht, Most Improved Test Score, from pre-test to post-test
Van-Far Alumni & Friends Scholarship: Bryan Mink; Van-Far Alumni & Friends in Memory of Shirley Forgy: Abilene Gatson and Sarah Motley
Van-Far Alumni & Friends (Renewable): Brooke James
DAR: Nathan Kraft
DAR Good Citizen: Kayleigh Kohl
Vandalia Ministerial Alliance: Kayleigh Kohl
Brookstone: Molly Nagel
Vandalia Shelter Insurance: Sarah Motley
Central Bank of Audrain County: Kayleigh Kohl
Van-Far Teachers Association: Bryan Mink, Sarah Motley, Brooke James, Lucas Robinson, Abilene Gatson, Katelyn Allen and  Nathan Kraft
Charlotte Schwab Student Council: Kayelee Harrower
Fern Braden AMC Auxiliary: Brooke James
Tanner Eugene Lowrance: Katelyn Allen
Les Nelson Memorial: Abilene Gatson and Kayelee Harrower
Vandalia Rotary Club: Brooke James
First Baptist Church: Abilene Gatson
Alethea Club, in memory of Shad Talbert and Elizabeth Long: Brooke James
Eugene Goodpasture Memorial: Sarah Motley
Shad Talbert Memorial: Lucas Robinson
MFA Foundation (Local): Abilene Gatson
MFA Foundation Board of Directors: Brooke James
Vandalia Lions Club: Bryan Mink
United Credit Union: Lucas Robinson
American Red Cross: Sarah Motley
A.C. & Mary Stotler:  Molly Nagel
Weldon H. Pete Steiner: Abilene Gatson
Farmers & Laborers Cooperative Insurance: Kayelee Harrower
Junior Achievement:  Katelyn Allen and Brooke James
Clay Greenplate Memorial: Brooke James
Vandalia Chamber of Commerce:  Brooke James and Kayleigh Kohl
G.H. Dudley: Brandon Ball, Brooke James, and Molly Nagel
First Baptist Church: Abilene Gatson
Heart of Missouri Board of Realtors: Lucas Robinson
Audrain County Cattlemen’s Association: Bryan Mink
Missouri State Fair Youth in Agriculture: Abilene Gatson
Bertram Cowley: Sarah Motley
FFA Alumni: Abilene Gatson
VFW Post No. 2173 Ladies Auxiliary: Brooke James
Charlotte Luebrecht: Brooke James
Jefferson Leon and Dorothea Ann Hays: Conner Albrecht, Katelyn Allen, Brandon Ball, Kayelee Harrower, Nicole Harvey, Annaliese Hubert, Brooke James, Kayleigh Kohl, Nathan Kraft, Bryan Mink, Molly Nagel, Lucas Robinson, Breanna Strange, and Chevi Windland
Michael Deppe Memorial: Sarah Motley
Chris Lovelace Memorial: Brooke James
WERDCC Personnel Club: Molly Nagel
Griffin Family Foundation: Katelyn Allen, Brooke James, and Kayelee Harrower
Raymond and Genevieve Culwell Scholarship: Nathan Kraft, Breanna Strange, Sarah Motley, Brooke James, Lucas Robinson, Katelyn Allen, and Bryan Mink
Ralls County Farm Bureau: Abilene Gatson
National FFA Scholarship, ADM sponsored: Abilene Gatson
NECC Personnel Club: Kayelee Harrower
Martha McDonald Memorial: Brandon Ball and Molly Nagel
College Scholarship Recognition: Lucas Robinson, Conner Albrecht, Kayelee Harrower, Nathan Kraft, Katelyn Allen, Sara Motley, Brooke James, Abilene Gatson, Molly Nagel, Bryan Mink, Brandon Ball, and Breanna Strange
Booster Club Key Chain Recognition: Katelyn Allen, Conner Albrecht, Kayelee Harrower, Brooke James, Nathan Kraft, Bryan Mink, Sarah Motley, Brandon Otis, Cameron Perkins, Lucas Robinson, Austin Speagle, Breanna Strange, and Chevi Windland
Bright Flight: Molly Nagel
Gerald and Margaret Jordan UMC Flagship Scholarship: Bryan Mink
Character+ Citizenship: Brooke James; Character + Courtesy: Kayleigh Kohl
College Preparatory: Nathan Kraft, Brooke James, Abilene Gatson, and Bryan Mink
George Washington Carver: Abilene Gatson, Molly Nagel, and Kayleigh Kohl
Senior National Honor Society Members: Abilene Gatson, Brooke James, Nathan Kraft, Warren Kraft, Bryan Mink, Sarah Motley, Breanna Strange, and Molly Nagel
Recognition of Davis H. Hart Career Center Students: Jeremy Hornback, Billy Picton, Christopher Ruby, Austin Speagle, and Cody Swarthout
Valedictorian: Molly Nagel; Salutatorian: Abilene Gatson