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Van-Far School board not seeing vision of city limits signs

Posted on Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 9:26 am

The Van-Far R-I School Board voted last Thursday night to purchase a 4’x10’ sign “not to exceed $700” to pay tribute to the district’s recent four state championship sports programs.
So what does this mean? Well, unless something changes, it appears the district has no vision to place state championship plaques on any of the city limits signs surrounding the district.
I simply do not understand this approach.
The district has an opportunity to market Van-Far schools for the next decade in a way they never had been able to before.
By putting plaques on the city limits signs, everyone driving through the district would know that they were entering an area filled with great athletes and a successful school.
Drivers and their families would learn, by just driving through the district, that there was something special that has taken place at Van-Far as they have dominated state competition to win four state titles in just a two year period.
Parents and students from other school districts driving through will be reminded every time they enter the district, that they are entering the home of four state championship squads.
Folks looking to move to Audrain County might even make a decision to enroll their child at Van-Far with the help of these plaques. Many prospective families make decisions based on sports opportunities.
It appears the school board has decided to take the cheap route and simply has shown no marketing vision of the district’s success.
“We’ve been talking about this for three or four months, it’s time to talk about something else,” said board member Kevin Motley during last Thursday’s meeting.
We’re left with a 4’x10’ sign that will look nice, but will in no way have the same marketing effect as plaques on the city limits signs.
Instead, the district would just rather “talk about something else.”
When I wrote my editorial previously on this issue, I had hoped more patrons might express their support for city limits plaques at a school board meeting.
If folks go in numbers to make this happen at the December meeting, the school board would likely be willing to listen.

If folks do not go, it’s likely their final shot at having the district take any future action on the issue.