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Van-Far reorganizes school board

Posted on Wednesday, April 27, 2016 at 10:38 am

Outgoing School Board President Christy Nelson receives a plaque recognizing her for 10 years of service from Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter.

Outgoing School Board President Christy Nelson receives a plaque recognizing her for 10 years of service from Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter.

(Includes correction of Vice-President name)

The Van-Far R-I School District reorganized its School Board when the group held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, April 19.
After certifying the April 5 election results, incumbent board member Kevin Motley and new board member Dana Keller were sworn into office.
Board member Kimber Nation nominated Jim Hopke while board member Pete Nasir nominated Kevin Motley to be the new board president.
After a first vote was 3-3 with Hopke abstaining, a re-vote made Hopke the new board president with a 4-2 vote.
Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter then recognized outgoing board member Christy Nelson with a plaque to honor her 10 years of service.
The other positions included Motley being named the new vice-president, Nasir being named secretary along with MSBA Delegate, Larry Wheeler was named treasurer, and Keller was named the MSBA Delegate Alternate.
In Executive Session, the board hired several employees and an extra-duty list of employees.
Harley Bagley, Ashley Graham, and Crystal Waters were hired as bus drivers.
Those rehired include Dan Bybee for grounds maintenance, Missy Gooch on the academic extra-duty schedule, Debbie Wood as AEL Payroll Clerk, Lisa Newland as AEL Bookkeeper, Vickie Gulley as AEL Lead Instructor, Shannon Moore as AEL Director, Charlie Stroker, and Bobbi Craven.
The minutes for Executive Sessions held on March 17 and March 23 were also approved.
According to meeting minutes, VFTA President Joe Basinger made a presentation to the board. He reported estimated proceeds from the carnival are a little over $3,000. He expressed appreciation to Principal Cindy Pirch and Principal Brian Hummel for their help and said there were too many others to thank individually for their help. The proceeds from the carnival are used for scholarships and interviews will be taking place soon. The date of April 27 will be VFTA’s last meeting for the year and they will elect new officers.  The Retirement Tea will be held May 9.
Mrs. Nina Jenks, retired teacher, shared information she had collected regarding health insurance coverage and vendors.
Ryan Morris thanked Dan Bybee for his work taking care of the grounds maintenance.
School Bus
Inspection Report
Charlie Stroker reported that of 16 busses inspected, we had four rejections and one out of service bus. The out of service bus was due to rocks in tires and the problem was fixed later the same day. With the number of miles over country roads for the district routes, he reported the rock issue will continue to be a problem. Superintendent Dr. Hunter thanked Mr. Stroker and the drivers for their work and efforts.
The Spring Regional Meeting will be held April 27 at Bowling Green. Board members attending have been registered.
Superintendent’s Reports
Current enrollment is 617. Enrollment at Elementary is 359, and high school is 258.
Facilities Update-Superintendent Dr. Hunter reported on the following:
• There will be a pre-construction meeting on April 27, to work out the timeline for the abatement and remodel projects.
• The surplus trailer has been removed.
• Ryan Morris has been working on the new banners in the gym.
In addition to their written reports the following was reported:
Principal Hummel
-State testing begins the week of April 25th
-4/28 PTO Book Fair
-4/29 PTO Daddy/Daughter Dance
-5/9 Grandparent’s Day
-5/16 Sixth grade promotion
-5/17 Preschool promotion
-5/19 Awards Assembly
-5/31 -6/24 Summer School; approximately 120 have enrolled at this time.
Principal Pirch
Principal Pirch asked Kathy Allen to report on the mock accident. Mrs. Allen reported that a mock accident is held every four years and Ryan Morris and Officer Jeff Scrogin assisted her in planning the event.
In addition Principal Pirch reported:
– 4/19 Statewide ACT testing for Juniors
-4/20 MAP testing for 7th and 8th grades starts
-4/19 and 4/20 FFA Plant Sales
-4/23 Prom and Project Prom.  Principal Pirch thanked the parents for working hard to provide safe activities for the students.  She also commended the community support of Project Prom.
-4/25 EOC Awards Assembly
-5/2 EOC testing begins
-5/11 Senior Banquet and Baccalaureate
-5/15 Jr. High promotion
-5/18 Awards Assembly
Brighter Futures Overview
Dana Keller, Director of Mexico Chamber of Commerce, shared a presentation on Bright Futures Mexico. Bright Futures is a program designed to link the school with the community and provide a support system for student needs.
Discussion followed the presentation regarding the implementation of a similar program for our school and community.  There is a $2,500 Lifetime fee to join Bright Futures USA.
The board approved the measure.
Approve Health Insurance Plans and Rates for 2016-17
Superintendent Dr. Hunter provided information on premiums for both vendors, the results of the staff survey and what other area districts pay toward employee health coverage. Discussion followed concerning health provider coverage areas, cost of premiums for the district and employees, level of reserves and budget. The consensus was that were still questions and a work/study session was necessary before a decision could be made. A session was set for Wednesday, April 27 at 7 p.m. The item was tabled until then.
Board member Pete Nasir read letters of resignation from Caryn Atkinson, Special Education teacher; Laura Straube, SFA Reading Facilitator; Jenniffer Hanson, Speech and Drama Coach duties; Marilyn Basinger, High School Secretary; and Madge Flake, FACS teacher.
Reports of Members
Mr. Wheeler requested that board packets be sent out earlier.
Mr. Hopke thanked Mr. Motley and Mrs. Keller for serving as board members for the new term.
Mr. Nasir encouraged board members to stay in close contact with Jefferson City.
Principal Pirch thanked board members and others for their support of Project Prom. She complimented the connection between the school, families and community for providing a continual rotation of support throughout the years.