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Van-Far releases Bus Routes schedule

Posted on Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 7:43 am

getprev(12)Parents should note that with school still one week away, a final bus routes listing will be available on Van-Far’s website on Monday, August 19 at
This years bus routes are very similar to last years with a few adjustments made for new students.
Bus routes are listed by the stops in a progressive order.
Most town stops will be a street intersection.
Start times are approximate for now and will be adjusted as needed.

Bus No. 1 (Frey):  Start 6:55 a.m. Lays- Brewster-Cross- Love- Kirchner/McCurdy- Martin- Barnes (turnaround)- Hopke- Culwell (turnaround)-7528 Hwy W- Childs-Wilson-Dameron- Caldwell- Allen-Gollaher- Caldwell- Town.  Town stops: Fourth/Jefferson- Haig/ Jefferson-Jefferson/ Home- Lindell/ Woodlawn- Lindell/ Union- Elem.
Bus No. 3 (Wickles): Start 6:45. Hagen- Maggard- Schambach- Holtkamp- Cole- Steve Kohl- Kuda-Nation- Kraft-Kraft-Bryan-Amanda Wright- Charles Wright- Hancock/Picton- Willis-Town.  Town stops:   Highland/Home- Carpenters- Home/ Monroe-Monroe/ Bland- Elem.
Bus No. 4 (Ball): Start 6:55 a.m. Jones-Cottrell-Adam-Elm Grove- Shaw- 54 Package store- McAfee- Ruby- Penton- town.  Town stops: Lindell/ Sixth- Lindell/ McPike- Lindell/ Page- Elem.
Bus No. 5 (Sutton):  Start 6:45 a.m. Bryan Evans-Michael Evans-McCurdy- Chandler-Barney (turn around)-Nelson-Gibson- Green- (turnaround)- Kurz-Carman(turnaround)-Couch-Chad Wallace (turnaround)-Wallace- Diane Butler- Fleming-Town.
Town stops: Daniels/Jefferson-Daniels/ Walnut- Daniels/ Carr Ln.- Daniels/ Oak-Hamlett- Bauman- Betty’s Daycare- Stanich- Elem.
Bus No. 6 (Spires): Start 7:05 a.m. Walker- Wilburn- Crow-Snodgrass- Gaslight road- town.  Town stops: Hwy 54/ Harrison- Page/Grant-Page/Taylor- Page/Main-  W. PageWalnut- Page/ Maple- Page/ Oak- Page/ Lincoln- Page/ Cleveland- Elem.
Bus No. 7 (Tapley): Start 7 a.m. Claussen-Bybee- Flowers- Farber.  Farber Stops: Doyle-105 W. Hickory- W. Arthur/ Center- Arthur/ Pine- Pine/ Hickory-  E. Hickory/ Pleasant- Pleasant/ Shotwell- Pleasant/ Athey- Trabue/ Hess-Lynn’s Daycare- Franklin/ Pleasant- City Hall- Country.  Country stops:Hess-Murry- Schambach-Holt- Dorris- High School.
Bus No. 8 (Stroker): Start 7:17 a.m. Sonlight Daycare- E. Washington/ Harrison- Washington/ Grant- Washington/ Taylor- Washington/ Clark- Clark/ State- 600 E. State- Highland/ Park- Elm/ Park- Elm/ Union- 500 S. Utterback- 500 S. Elm-Union/Highland- Sharon Rd.- 309 E. Walsh-Union/Clark-Clark/Park- Elem.
Bus No. 9 (K. Smith : Start 7:20 a.m.  W Walsh/ Walnut- Walsh/ Oak- Oak/W. Home- Walsh/ Vine- Walsh/ Lincoln- Walsh/ Cleveland- Cleveland/ Home-Cleveland/ Bland-Bland/Lincoln-Bland/Oak-Oak/Home- Woodlawn/ Maple- Maple/ Union- Union/ Oak- Lincoln/ Olive- Park/ Oak- Park/ Maple- Maple/ State- Maple/Washington- Washington/Oak- Washington/ Daniels- 1200 W. Washington-Lumbert- High school.
Bus No. 10 (Fowler): Start 7:20 a.m. W. Bland/ Walnut- Central/ Limit-Central/Booker- Limit/ Vine- 1200 S. Maple- 1000 S. Maple- Maple/ Home- Home/Jefferson- Jefferson/ Walsh- Jefferson/ Woodlawn- Jefferson/ Union- Jefferson/ Olive-Jefferson/Park- Jefferson/ Washington- Washington/ Walnut- McDowell-Elem.
Bus No. 11 (Clithero): Start 7:15 a.m. 505/ 512 N. Main- Davis-Ezeta- Hubert-Arlington/ Lindell-Arlington/ Jefferson-Arlington/ Maple- Missouri/ Maple- 808 N.Oak-Sixth/Oak- Sixth/Maple- Sixth/Walnut- St. John/ Walnut- Walnut/ McPike- McPike/ Maple- McPike/ Oak- McPike/ Lincoln- Gualberto-McGinnis/Franke- W. McPike (McMillen)- Rentfro (pm)- Elem.
Bus No. 15 (L. Smith): Leave for Vo-Tech 7:35 a.m.