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Van-Far R-I gets clean audit report

Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Auditor Travis Huntley during his audit overview session with the Van-Far R-I School Board at their meeting last week.

Auditor Travis Huntley during his audit overview session with the Van-Far R-I School Board at their meeting last week.

The Van-Far R-I School District  received a “clean opinion audit” for the 2013-14 school year.
The declaration was made by auditor Travis Huntley during the Van-Far R-I School Board meeting last Thursday. Huntley represents Gerding, Korte, and Chitwood.
The audit showed that balances were up $101,223.
The lone concern in the report dealt with a small number of personnel who are responsible for the accounting duties. This is a typical notation in small school districts.
Ending fund balances show a healthy range of 23.3% while revenues were at $6.9 million.
Local and county revenues accounted for 54% of total revenue.
The average daily attendance in the district was 587.
Huntley thanked the board for allowing him to present the audit.
In other accounting news, Brad Wegman, CPA, presented on behalf of LJ Hart, who has worked with the district since 1992, the Preliminary Financial Analysis on General Obligation Bond, Series 2015.
During the meeting, Wegman said the district was in a strong position for a no tax increase bond proposal.
Information was then presented with options on funding and payback for $1 million, $2 million, and $3 million bond proposals.
The General Obligation Bond issue requires a 4/7 majority approval at the April 7, 2015 election.
Recent refinancing has saved the district $424,000 in future interest expense.
Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter reported an enrollment of 601 students, with 244 in the Jr./Sr. High School and 357 in the Elementary School.
Dr. Hunter gave an update on facilities.
• The online facilities survey ranked the six major facility items and asked for other facility needs. Dr. Hunter shared the results.
• Disposal options for the damaged trailer are underway.
• The Requests for Qualifications from interested architects are due December 15, 2014.
Van-Far Elementary Principal had a average daily attendance of 96.03%.
He also said an SFA Point Coach will be at the district December 2-3.
The Christmas Program dates are 7 p.m. December 11 (Grades 2-4), 7 p.m. December 15 (Grades K-1), and 7 p.m. December 16 (Grades 5-6).
Van-Far Jr./Sr. High School Principal Cindy Pirch noted that a Seat Belt/Brain Injury Awareness Assembly, Intruder Drill Assembly, A+ Career Fair, and Veteran’s Day Assembly had been held at the district.
A Book Fair was held November 13-22.
Other notable dates include 8-11 p.m. Winter Formal and a 7 p.m. December 9 Winter Concert. ACT testing will be held on December 13.
Tony Lower, Technology Director, reported on a recent conference on E-Rate that he attended and how funding allocations will be changing within the next five years. The district projects submitted are being reviewed with vendors.
Van-Far FFA Advisor Stephanie Fischer was joined by three FFA officers to report on their recent trip to the National Convention in Louisville, Kent.
This year’s theme was “Go All Out!” The FFA officers who were present were President Abilene Gatson, Treasurer Renee Nelson, and Sentinel Dalton Buie.
During the meeting, Principal Hummel introduced Special Ed. teacher R.J. Bachtold.
The board had an Executive Session after the main meeting but no decisions were reportedly made of public record.
There was a first reading of MSBA Policies ADF (District Wellness Program), BBB (School Board Election), EF (Food Service Management, ID (Ceremonies and Observances), and GBBDAA (Staff Sick Leave Pool.)
The board approved MSBA Policy BBB (School Board Elections).
Filing dates were set for the April 2015 Board of Election. The date starts at 8 a.m. December 16, 2014 to January 20, 2015 at 5 p.m., excluding days the business office is closed.
The online policy and full maintenance with MSBA was approved.
With only one food service bid received, the one for OPAA! was approved.
In reports of members, Board President Christy Nelson thanked board members for their support of the Project Prom Basket Bingo.
It was noted that applications for the Belcher Scholarship will be compiled and voted on at the December board meeting to meet the MSBA deadline of January 15, 2015.
The list of surplus items was approved.
Discussion took place regarding the due date of the RFQ’s and the December board meeting. The RFQ’s are due December 15, 2014. Finalists may present at the regular board meeting on December 18.