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Van-Far R-I crowns Courtwarming royalty

Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 11:40 am

Van-Far’s Jayda Borgmeyer was crowned Queen and Sharrod Connor was crowned King during Courtwarming held last Friday night.

The Van-Far R-I School District hosted its annual Courtwarming Week that concluded Friday night when the Indians basketball team took on the Missouri Military Academy.
During the week, several competitions were held among the four Van-Far classes.
Competition winners included:
• Hallways-1) Sophomores; 2) Freshmen; 3-tie) Juniors and Seniors
• Banners-1) Sophomores; 2-tie) Freshmen and Juniors; 3) Seniors
• Dress-Up Days-1) Sophomores; 2) Juniors; 3) Freshmen; 4) Seniors
• Mini-Olympics-1) Sophomores; 2) Juniors; 3) Seniors; 4) Freshmen
• Overall-1) Sophomores; 2) Juniors; 3) Freshmen; 4) Seniors
This year’s Courtwarming King and Queen honors went to Sharrod Connor and Jayda Borgmeyer.
Spirit King and Spirit Queen honors went to Jayson Orr and Mackenzie Kurz.