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Van-Far R-I Bus Routes

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 5:31 am

Parents need to be aware that these routes were formulated using data received as of August 10 and may need to be revised before the school start date. Finalized routes will be posted on the school web page by August 18.
These routes are very similar to the routes we were running at the end the previous school year with a few minor adjustments for new enrollment. Start times are tentative for now and may be adjusted as school progresses. Any questions may be directed to the Transportation Director at 573-582-2185.
Bus 1: (Dean Frey)  First pick up at 6:50 at Love/Regot> McCurdy> Yager> Martin> Smith> Barnes> McCurdy (turn around)> Fletcher> Hopke> Culwell (turn around)> Shaw>  Childs> Wilson> Dameron> Caldwell> Allen> Caldwell> Town route.  Town stops: Jefferson/ Fourth > Jefferson/ Haig> Jefferson/ Bland> Jefferson/ Home> Home/ Lindell> Lindell/ Walsh> Lindell/ Woodlawn> Lindell/ Union> High School.
Bus 3: (Bill Wickles)  First pickup 7:00 at Hopke> Decker> Cummins> Maggard (turn around)> Schambach> Cole> Kuda> Nation> Hays> Trower (turn around)> Kraft> Kraft> Kraft> Jenson (pm)> Wright> Wright> Picton> Willis> to town route.  Town stops: 500 S. Utterback> Utterback/ Union> 500 S. Elm> Highland/ Home> Home/ Clark> Clark/ Bland> Clark/ Haig> Haig/ Monroe> Monroe/ Bland> Monroe/ Home> Monroe/ Walsh> Elem School.
Bus 4: (Ronnie Ball)  First pickup at 6:55 at Selsor>Jones (turn around)> Smith> Cottrell> Adam> Elm Grove (if needed)> Shaw (turn around)> McAfee> Ruby>Town Route.  Town stops:  Lindell/ Sixth> Sixth/ Jefferson> 500 N. Jefferson> Lindell/ McPike> Lindell/ Page> Page/ Main> Page/ Monroe> Page/ Clark> Page/ Taylor> Page/ Grant> Page/ Harrison> Harrison/ Hwy 54> to Elem.
Bus 5: (Christina Sutton)  First pickup at 6:40 at Brian Evans> Michael Evans> Barney (turn around)> Chandler> Gibson> Green (turn around)> Kurz> Carman (Turn around)> Wallace> Wallace> Butler> Fleming> town route.  Town stops: Glance (N. Main)> Daniels/ Jefferson> Daniels/ Walnut> Daniels/ Oak> Ebers> Bauman> 800 N. Galloway> Betty Barber> Stanich> Elem.
Bus 6: (Spires)  First pickup 6:50 at Walker> Wilburn> Irvin (Utah Road) turnaround> Crow> Snodgrass> town route.  Town stops: Page/ Lindell> Page/ Jefferson> Page/ Maple>Page/ Oak> Page/ Vine> Page/ Lincoln> Lumberts> Gaslight Apts>Elem.
Bus 7:  First pickup at 6:50 at Claussen> Stuart Trucking (am/pm)> Bybee> Flowers> town route.  Town stops: 512 Doyle> 316 W. Linn (if turnaround allows)> Pine/ Hickory> 200 W. Arthur> 100 W. Hickory> Pleasant/ Hickory> Shotwell/ Pleasant> Pleasant/Athey (am only)> Athey/ Oak> Athey/Main> Linn’s Daycare> Country.  Country stops: Murray(?)> Schambach> Holt> Dorris/Stinnett> School.
Bus 8: (Stroker)  First pickup at 7:20 at Sonlight Daycare> Washington/Forest> Washington/ Adams> Washington/ Harrison> Washington/Grant> Washington/Taylor> Washington/Clark> Clark/ State> 600 E. State> Highland/ Park> Park/ Elm> Elm/ Olive> Union/ Highland> Sharon Rd.> 309 E. Walsh> Clark/ Woodlawn> Clark/ Union> Clark/ Park> Elem.
Bus 9: (Kelly Smith)  First pickup at 7:20 at Walsh/ Walnut> Home/Oak> Lincoln/Bland> Bland/ Cleveland> Cleveland/ Home> Walsh/ Vine> Walsh/ Oak> Maple/ Woodlawn> Woodlawn/Lincoln> Union/Oak> Union/ Maple> Maple/Park> Maple/Washington> Washington/Oak. Washington/ Vine> Washington/Daniels> Washington/ Myrtle> School.
Bus 10: (Fowler)  First pickup at 7:25 at 312 W. Bland> Central/ Pershing> Central/Limit> Central/ Clay> Central/ Booker> Limit/ Vine> 1200 S. Maple> 1000S. Maple> Maple/ Home> Walsh/ Jefferson> Jefferson/ Woodlawn> Jefferson/Union> Jefferson/ Olive> Jefferson/ Park> Jefferson/State. Jefferson/ Washington> Washington/Walnut> Walnut/ Hwy 54> School.
Bus 11:  (Clithero)   First pickup at 7:20 at 500 N. Main> E. Arlington> 100 W. Arlington> Arlington/ Lindell> Missouri/ Jefferson> Jefferson/ Arlington> Arlington/ Maple> 800 N. Oak> Oak/ Sixth> Sixth/ Maple> Sixth/ Walnut> Walnut/ McPike. McPike/ Vine> Vine/ St. John> W. St. John> W. McPike> McPike/ Cleveland> School.