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Van-Far honors Fall sports athletes

Posted on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 at 1:47 pm

Van-Far cheerleader winners. Shown, from left: Marissa Cox, Hannah Bauman, and Maddie Dunn.

Van-Far cheerleader winners. Shown, from left: Marissa Cox, Hannah Bauman, and Maddie Dunn.

The Van-Far R-I School District honored several athletes during its annual Fall Athletic Awards Program held on Tuesday, November 18. Top honors went to cheerleader Chevi Windland (Best All-Around), softball player Breanna Strange (MVP), and Golden Helmet football winners Lucas Robinson and Conner Albrecht.
A football highlight video was shown and football coach Blake Logan was presented with framed photo.
Academic All-Conference – Marissa Cox, Maddie Dunn, Brooke James, Alexis McCurdy, Sarah Motley, Madison Orr, Abbegail Robinson, and Jenna Willis
Bars (B), Letters (L), and Megaphones (M) – Katelyn Allen (B), Hannah Bauman (B), Marissa Cox (B), Maddie Dunn (L, M), Brooke James (B), Courtney Jennings (B), Micaella Love (B), Alexis McCurdy (B), Sarah Motley (B), Madison Orr (B), Abbegail Robinson (B), Makayla Vigil (L, M), Jenna Willis (B), and Chevi Windland (B)
Special Honors – Chevi Windland (Best All-Around), Marissa Cox (Most Potential), Maddie Dunn (Most Improved), and Hannah Bauman (Most Spirited)
Academic All-Conference – Gina Clausen, Alexis DeTienne, Emily Laskowski, Alexis McCurdy, Renee Nelson, Madison Orr, Aaryn Phillips, and Breanna Strange
Bars (B), Balls (Bl), and Letters (L) – Annaliese Hubert (B), Breanna Strange (B), Bryan Mink (B), Hailey Hopke (L, Bl), Alexis McCurdy (L, Bl), Renee Nelson (Bl), Lindsey Nitcher (L, Bl), Madison Orr (B), Aaryn Phillips (L, Bl), Kaylein Wilson (B), Jayda Borgmeyer (B), Alexis DeTienne (Bl), Emily Laskowski (Bl), Autumn Sutton (L, Bl), Reaghan Case (L, Bl), Gina Clausen (L, Bl)
Special Honors – Madison Orr (All-EMO 1st team utility, All-District 1st team catcher, Most Hustle, Highest Batting Average, RBI Leader, Top OB%, Most Runs Scored, Slugging %); Breanna Strange (All-District 1st team outfielder, All-Region 2nd team outfielder, play in Coaches Association Showcase All-Star game, MVP, Most Assists); Autumn Sutton (Rookie of the Year); Gina Clausen (Most Promising); Kaylein Wilson (Most Improved); Bryan Mink (Most Inspirational); Reaghan Case (JV Slugger); Alex Connaway (JV Best Defensive Player); Aaryn Phillips (JV Most Improved Player); and Carleigh Phillips (JV MVP)
Academic All-Conference – Jacob Garner, Colten Jensen, Andrew Snodgrass, and Parker Wallace
Bars (B), Balls (Bl), and Letters (L) – Conner Albrecht (B), Lucas Robinson (B), Brandon Otis (Bl), Wyatt McDowell (B), Jamie Householder (B), Nick Barnes (B), Michael Colson (Bl), Anthony Fairchild (B), Sharrod Connor (B), Joseph Clithero (B), Adam Hombs (B), Andrew Snodgrass (Bl), Parker Wallace (L, Bl), Jacob Garner (L, Bl), Cole Grimes (L, Bl), Nathan Beatty (L, Bl), Joseph Ramirez-Hazel (L, Bl), Kyle Ebers (L, Bl), and Colten Jensen (L, Bl)
Special Honors – Lucas Robinson (All-EMO 2nd team quarterback, All-District 1st team quarterback, Golden Helmet, Offensive Player of the Year,); Conner Albrecht (All-EMO 2nd team linebacker, All-EMO 2nd team running back, All-District 1st team linebacker, Defensive Player of the Year, Strength/Conditioning MVP, Golden Helmet, Most Tackles, Iron Man); Wyatt McDowell (All-District 2nd team wide receiver); Nick Barnes (All-EMO 1st team punter, All-District 1st team punter, All-District 2nd team wide receiver, Special Teams Player of the Year, Sticky Fingers); Sharrod Connor (All-EMO 1st team defensive back, All-District 1st team defensive back, Defensive Back of the Year, Most Valuable Receiver, Lock Down, Iron Man); Anthony Fairchild (All-District 2nd team defensive end, Defensive Lineman of the Year, Iron Man); Jamie Householder (All-EMO 2nd team returns, Mr. Hustle, Ball Hawk); Adam Hombs (Most Improved); Andrew Snodgrass (Offensive Lineman of the Year, Iron Man); Jacob Garner (Rookie of the Year, Iron Man); Colten Jensen (JV Offensive Player of the Year); Parker Wallace (JV Defensive Player of the Year, Rising Star); Brandon Otis (Unsung Hero, Iron Man)