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Van-Far honors Fall Sports athletes at annual event

Posted on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 7:08 am

Van-Far cheerleaders after winning some key awards.

Van-Far cheerleaders after winning some key awards.

Van-Far’s Fall Sports winners were:
Letter and Ball-Treyson Culwell, Devin Fleming, Logan Holt, Verlyn Johnson, Trey Miller, Caden Wilburn, and Eric Hombs
Ball only-Alex Flowers and Klayton Haddock
Bars-Nick Barnes, Joseph Clithero, Michael Colson, Kyle Ebers, Jacob Garner, Cole Grimes, Colten Jensen, Wyatt McDowell, Andrew Snodgrass, Parker Wallace, Anthony Fairchild, Jamie Householder, and Adam Hombs
Junior Varsity Letter Certificate-Dylan Grimes, Jayson Orr, Hunter Houghton, Sharrod Connor
Golden Helmet Plaque-Anthony Fairchild and Nick Barnes
Most Improved Plaque-Treyson Culwell
Offensive Player of the Year Plaque-Nick Barnes
Offensive Lineman of the Year Plaque-Andrew Snodgrass
Defensive Player of the Year Plaque-Joseph Clithero
Defensive Lineman of the Year Plaque-Anthony Fairchild
Defensive Back of the Year Plaque-Jamie Householder
Rookie of the Year Plaque-Trey Miller
Most Valuable Receiver Plaque-Nick Barnes
Junior Varsity Offensive Player of the Year Plaque-Caden Wilburn
JV Defensive Player of the Year Plaque-Eric Hombs
Strength/Conditioning MVP Plaque-Parker Wallace
Most Tackles Medal-Anthony Fairchild
Rising Star Medal-Jacob Garner
Ball Hawk Medal-Jamie Householder
Iron Man Medal-Jamie Householder, Anthony Fairchild, Parker Wallace, Jacob Garner, Adam Hombs, and Andrew Snodgrass
Letter and Megaphone-Paige Dameron, Emily Humphrey, Claire Motley, Dominic Ramirez-Hazel, Bethany Regot, Avery Rost, and Ashley Stanich
Cheer Academic All-Conference-Marissa Cox, Paige Dameron, Madeleine Dunn, Alexis McCurdy, Claire Motley, Madison Orr, Bethany Regot, Abbegail Robinson, and Jenna Willis
Bars-Hannah Bauman, Marissa Cox, Madeleine Dunn, Micaella Love, Alexis McCurdy, Madison Orr, Abbegail Robinson, Makayla Vigil, and Jenna Willis
Best All Around Plaque-Micaella Love
Most Potential Plaque-Avery Rost
Most Improved Plaque-Claire Motley
Most Spirited Plaque-Alexis McCurdy
Most Outstanding Plaque-Hannah Bauman
Most Dedicated Plaque-Jenna Willis
Leadership Plaque-Marissa Cox
Most Determined Plaque-Ashley Stanich
Best Attitude Plaque-Maddie Dunn
Most Encouraging Plaque-Abbey Robinson
Most Versatile Plaque-Madison Orr
Letter and Ball-Alexandra Connaway, Jordan Garner, Jayle Jennings, Carleigh Phillips, Allie Schambach, and Lauren Shaw
Letter and Manager-Riley Culwell
Ball only-Abbigail Kuda, and Morgan McDowell
Bars-Jayda Borgmeyer, Reaghan Case, Regina Clausen, Alexis DeTienne, Hailey Hopke, Renee Nelson, Lindsey Nitcher, Madison Orr, and Autumn Sutton
Softball Academic All-Conference-Regina Clausen, Alexandra Connaway, Alexis DeTienne, Jordan Garner, Jayle Jennings, Renee Nelson, Madison Orr, Carleigh Phillips, and Lauren Shaw
All-Conference 1st Team Outfielder-Jordan Garner
All-Conference 1st Team Catcher-Madison Orr
All-Conference 2nd Team-Jayle Jennings
All-District 1st Team-Catcher    Madison Orr
All-District 1st Team-Pitcher Jayle Jennings
All-District 1st Team-Infielder Jordan Garner
All-Region 1st Team Infielder-Jordan Garner
All-Region 1st Team Catcher- Madison Orr
All-Region 2nd Team Pitcher-Jayle Jennings
MVP-Madison Orr
Rookie of the Year Plaque-Jordan Garner, Jayle Jennings
Most Promising Plaque-Jordan Garner
Most Improved Plaque-Lauren Shaw
Golden Glove Plaque-Madison Orr
Pitcher of the Year Plaque-Jayle Jennings
Breakout Player of the Year Plaque-Renee Nelson
Most Hustle Plaque-Jordan Garner
Most Inspirational Plaque-Madison Orr
Highest Batting Average Plaque-Jordan Garner
Lady Indian Sportsmanship Award-Madison Orr
Junior Varsity Slugger Plaque-Gina Clausen
Junior Varsity Best Defensive Player Plaque-Alex Connaway
Junior Varsity MVP Plaque-Carleigh Phillips
RBI Leader Medal-Jordan Garner
Top OB% Medal-Jordan Garner
Most Runs Scored Medal-Madison Orr
Highest Slugging % Medal-Jordan Garner
Most Assist Medal-Jayle Jennings