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Van-Far High School students earn awards at end of year event

Posted on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 at 11:28 am

Mrs. Reading class award winners for Algebra.

A Van-Far High School Awards program was held on May 22 for students in grades 9-11.
Several awards were presented during the ceremony. The long list includes:
Perfect Attendance-Gage Barney

Academic Letter
9th Grade: (23 Letters)-Michael Allen, Ian Boston, Paiyton Burnett, Cayden Caldwell, Rebecca Calvin, Panna Connaway, Annalynn Culwell, Jordan Eckhoff, Ashton Garnett, Alyssa Hays, Trenton Littrell, Trenton Lower, Cheyenne Martin, Melanie Moody, Rebecca Moore, Tyler Schambach, Kristina Weedman, Brennan Wheeler, Brogan Wheeler, Aubriana Willis, Trevor Winders, Latrell Wright, and Harley Young
10th Grade: (17 Pins)-Sharon Baur, Aubrey Bunge, Olivia Bybee, Madalyn Cole, Katie Elzea, Michaela Franke, Mackena Hays, Alyse Jensen, Madelyn McAfee, Makayla McAfee, Samuel Middleton, Morgan Slatten, Colby Walton, Colin Wilburn, Mallory Williams, Emily Willis, and Halynna Yager
11th Grade: (1 Letter* – 14 Pins)-Alec Adam, Gage Barney, Autumn Brookshier, Treyson Culwell, Paige Dameron, Dylan Gaage, Jordan Garner, Jayle Jennings, Juliana Martinez, Claire Motley, Emily Robinson, Tyler Robinson, Avery Rost, Caden Wilburn, and Logan Wilson*
Mr. Tyler Oesch
Highest Percentage in American History-Cheyenne Martin and Trevor Winders
Most Improved in American History-Justin Stowers and Clayton Nutt
Mr. Dan Friedel
Highest Percentage in American Government-Paige Dameron
Highest Percentage in Psychology-Zach Bouard
Highest Percentage in World History-Alyse Jensen
Dr. Gilliam
Top Students in Biology I-Madalyn Cole, Alivia Graddy, Madelyn McAfee, Emily Willis, Katie Elzea, Morgan Slatten, Makayla McAfee, Jose’ Garcia, Sharon Baur, Mackena Hays, Alyse Jensen, and Colin Wilburn
Most Improved in Biology 1-Matthew Dunn
Top Student in Genetics-Averie Cottrell
Top Student in Forensics-Caden Wilburn
Mrs. Kris Cross
Maintaining an ‘A’ in Algebra I-Alayna Bryan, Abigail Hunn, Hunter Maggard, Emma Wood, and Shyonna Martin
Maintaining an ‘A’ in Geometry-Paiyton Burnett, Brennan Wheeler, Trevor Winders, Harley Young, Cayden Caldwell, Madalyn Cole, Krissie Weedman, Brogan Wheeler, Halynna Yager, and Michaela Franke
Top Student in Geometry-Trevor Winders
Mrs. Winders
Highest Grade Percentage in English III-Alec Adam, Avery Rost, Paige Dameron, Jordan Garner, and Jayle Jennings
Highest Grade Percentage in English I-Ennis Childs, Cameron Jones, Trevor Winders, Harley Young, Paiyton Burnett, Aubriana Willis, and Kristina Weedman
Mrs. McCurdy
FBLA Awards-Alivia Graddy, Jason Orr, and Ethan Winders
Mrs. Reading
Highest Percentage in Algebra 1A-Ian Boston
Highest Percentage in Algebra II-Alyse Jensen
Ms. Weiss
Physical Science-Paiyton Burnett, Cayden Caldwell, Ashton Garnett, Alyssa Hays, Cheyenne Martin, Tyler Schambach, Trevor Winders, and Harley Young
Ms. Dunn
MACC Gallery Award – Second Place-Brennan Wheeler
MACC Gallery Award – Third Place-Brogan Wheeler
Art Excellence Award-Cam Bryan, Brogan Wheeler, Jordan Garner, Mackena Hays, Latrell Wright, Jayle Jennings, Rylee Hanson, and Brennan Wheeler
Outstanding Artist of the Year-Jordan Garner and Brennan Wheeler
Honorable Mention at Congressional Art Competition-Brennan Wheeler
Mr. Rost
English Scholars Society Award (Earned an A in Semester 1 and Semester 2 of English II)-Aubrey Bunge, Michaela Franke, Sharon Baur, Olivia Bybee, Madalyn Cole, Katie Elzea, Alivia Graddy, Mackena Hays, Alyse Jensen, Madelyn McAfee, Makayla McAfee, Samuel Middleton, Makalyn Phillips, Morgan Slatten, Colby Walton, Colin Wilburn, Mallory Williams, Emily Willis, and Halynna Yager