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Van-Far High School student tests positive for COVID-19

Posted on Thursday, August 27, 2020 at 12:43 pm

Van-Far schools closing today, virtual learning begins Aug. 28, classes scheduled to resume Sep.10


In-person learning and extracurriculars at Van-Far schools have been canceled due to a positive COVID-19 test by a high school student. Virtual learning will begin Aug. 28.

“The decision was a preventative move after looking at the number of close contacts, staff included,” Superintendent John Fortney said. “Not a directive of Audrain County Health.”

The following voice message sent out via the school district’s voice messenger: “This is John Fortney, superintendent of schools, in response to our earlier notification, school administration were notified of an asymptomatic student at the high school testing positive for COVID-19. Through our contact tracing we feel the potential of spread is too great a risk for the safety or our students and staff. We have notified Audrain County Health Department that we are moving to our virtual learning plan beginning on August 28 [and we] will be returning to school on September 10. We will be dismissing today at 1pm. Afternoon Pre-K is canceled.”

Students are being sent home with their technology. If they do not have internet access at their home, they should contact the building office for their child. Principals will be following up with families concerning academic expectations and support for your students. All activities and practices are canceled until Sep. 10.

An asymptomatic high school student has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine. The student is working with administration and the Audrain County Health Department for a contact tracing log. Students who are considered a close contact (six feet or closer for longer than 15 minutes) will be contacted for isolation purposes.

“We will update the community as needed,” Fortney said. “Please refer to our Return to Learn plan for more information.”

According to health department guidelines, students may not be allowed to work part time jobs during quarantine. This is not a school policy so any questions should be directed to a student’s place of employment.