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Van-Far FFA honors students after another successful year

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 8:28 am

Van-Far FFA seniors, from left: Jonathan Kurz, Jessie Fowler, Ryan Decker, foreign exchange student Enrique Caceres, Kasey Gatson, Rachel Nelson, and Jinnifer Harrower.

Several Van-Far FFA students and supporters of the organization received recognition during the annual FFA Banquet held on Thursday, April 26. This year’s event began with the Van-Far FFA Opening Ceremonies and an invocation by Kasey Gatson.
After a catered dinner was prepared by the Rose Catering Plus and served by FCCLA members, a special presentation was made by Jeff Schneider.
Schneider was introduced and told the crowd that the Van-Far FFA had received a $2,500 Monsanto Grant after Ralls County farmer Jerry Epperson was a Monsanto winner. Epperson made the donation and was represented at the event by his son Jordan Epperson. A check ceremony was held during the banquet.
This year’s guest speaker was past State FFA President Jon Black. Black talked about his close calls in reaching past goals and the rewarding aspects of being an FFA member.
“Keep making goals, make yourself a better person, and find something you can achieve in,” Black said.
Abilene Gatson gave the Creed, Rachel Nelson gave a report on the chapter summaries from the last year, and Jinnifer Harrower played a PowerPoint presentation to celebrate 70 years of FFA. Those Van-Far alumni present were also recognized.
This year’s Chapter Sweetheart was Rachel Nelson.
Foreign exchange student Enrique Caceres received a plaque from Ryan Nelson to recognize his time with Van-Far’s FFA. Senior parents were also recognized.
The top awards handed out at the event include:
• Area 5 Officers-Kasey Gatson (Treasurer) and Jessie Fowler (Parliamentarian)
• Star Greenhand Award-Abilene Gatson
• Star Chapter Farmer-Eric Hancock
• Star Chapter Agribusinessman-Jake Stuart
• Star Chapter Placement-Brian Fuget
• DeKalb Award-Jessie Fowler
• State Farmers-Rachel Nelson, Jessie Fowler, Jinnifer Harrower, and Jonathan Kurz
• 2011-2012 Officers-Kasey Gatson (Student Advisor), Rachel Nelson (President), Jessie Fowler (1st-V.P.), Brian Kurz (2nd-V.P.), Ryan Nelson (Secretary), Ryan Decker (Treasurer), Jinnifer Harrower (Reporter), Sheridan Cole (Historian), and Jonathan Kurz (Sentinel)
• 2012-2013 Officers-Ryan Nelson (President), Ciara Craven (1st-V.P.), Brian Kurz (2nd-V.P.), Sheridan Cole (Secretary), Kyle Decker (Treasurer), Jake Stuart (Reporter), Brooke Johnson (Historian), Brett Hubert (Sentinel), Ethan Gooch (Parliamentarian), and Cody Buie (Chaplin)

Leadership Contests
• Knowledge-Nathan Kraft, Chevi Windland, Kayelee Harrower, and Billy Picton (4th-Area, 15th-Districts)
• Reporter’s Scrapbook-Sheridan Cole (2nd-Area)
• Creed Speaking-Abilene Gatson
• Division II Public Speaking-Ciara Craven
• Extemporaneous Public Speaking-Brooke Johnson
• Complete Ownership Record Book-Rachel Nelson
• Complete Placement Record Book-Jinnifer Harrower
• Job Interview-Jessie Fowler (2nd-Area, 1st-District, 2nd-State)

Vo-Ag Judging Teams
• Agronomy-Ciara Craven, Brooke Johnson, Brett Hubert, and Jake Stuart (14th-District)
• Dairy Foods-Chevi Windland, Kayleigh Kohl, and Sheridan Cole (25th-District)
• Meats-Enrique Caceres, Kyle Decker, and Cody Buie (29th-District)
• Livestock-Kasey Gatson, Rachel Nelson, Ryan Nelson, and Abilene Gatson (7th-District, 6th-State with Group I Rating)
• Farm Management-Jessie Fowler, Ryan Decker, Brian Kurz, and Ethan Gooch (7th-District, 29th-State with Group II Rating)
• Ag Mechanics-Austyn Windland, Jonathan Kurz, David Daniels, and Tyler Cross (11th-District)
• Scholarship Awards-Autumn Cross, Abilene Gatson, Kayelee Harrower, Jeremy Hornback, Kayleigh Kohl, Nathan Kraft, Warren Kraft, Sarah Motley, Chevi Windland, Cody Buie, Ciara Craven, Kyle Decker, Melani Hamlett, Eric Hancock, Brooke Johnson, Matt McGlasson, Jake Stuart, Madison Wieberg, Payton Willis, Enrique Caceres, Sheridan Cole, Alexis Ellis, Brian Fuget, Ethan Gooch, Brian Kurz, Ryan Nelson, Tyler Cross, Ryan Decker, Jessie Fowler, Kasey Gatson, Jinnifer Harrower, Jonathan Kurz, Mitchel McAfee, Rachel Nelson, and Jordan Robinson
• Attendance Awards-Abilene Gatson, Annaliese Hubert, Autumn Cross, Chevi Windland, Kayleigh Kohl, Lucas Robinson, Enrique Caceres, Nathan Kraft, Brooke Johnson, Ciara Craven, Eric Hancock, Jake Stuart, Kyle Decker, Brian Kurz, Ethan Gooch, Ryan Nelson, Sheridan Cole, Austyn Windland, Jinnifer Harrower, Jonathan Kurz, Kasey Gatson, Mitchel McAfee, Rachel Nelson, Ryan Nelson, Tyler Cross, and Jessie Fowler
• Trap Shooting-Cody Buie, Ben Darling, Jinnifer Harrower, Brett Hubert, Jonathan Kurz, Mitchel McAfee, Matt McGlasson, Jordan Robinson, Jake Stuart, Austyn Windland, Sheridan Cole, Billy Picton, and Austin Shade
• Courtesy Corps-Sheridan Cole, Brian Fuget, Cody Buie, Ciara Craven, and Brooke Johnson
• Proficiency Award-Brian Fuget, Swine Production Placement (1st-Area)
• Honorary Chapter Farmers-Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Fowler, Mr. and Mrs. James Harrower, Mr. and Mrs. Tim Kurz, Mr. Chad Wallace, Mrs. Nancy Stafford, and Mr. Rick McAfee
• Greenhands-Enrique Caceres, Autumn Cross, Abilene Gatson, Kayelee Harrower, Jeremy Hornback, Annaliese Hubert, Kayleigh Kohl, Nathan Kraft, Warren Kraft, Sarah Motley, Brandon Otis, Billy Picton, Lucas Robinson, Austin Shade, Rosa Tate, Madison Wieberg, Tyler Wilson, and Chevi Windland
• Chapter Farmers-Cody Buie, Ciara Craven, Kyle Decker, Melani Hamlett, Eric Hancock, Brett Hubert, Trey Hull, Brooke Johnson, Matt McGlasson, Jake Stuart, and Payton Willis