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Van-Far FFA enjoys annual Barnwarmin’ event

Posted on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 at 10:21 am

Barnwarmin’ King and Queen Nick Barnes and Hailey Hopke.

Barnwarmin’ King and Queen Nick Barnes and Hailey Hopke.

-submitted by Van-Far FFA
Barnwarmin’ 2015 this year was an overall success. There were two representatives from each class and a wildcard to participate in the games and compete for the title of Barnwarmin’ King and Queen. This year, the candidates decided to do a coin drive to raise money for a charity of our choice. We all voted and decided to give the money to Vera Hayden. She is always there for us and with her constant positivity when we go to lunch we figured we could do something nice for her while she is going through this time of her life. We ended up raising $647.62.
Our games weren’t as messy as they have been before. We had a relay, “new hairdo,” and “junk in the trunk.” In our relay the boys had to put Vaseline on their noses and pick up cotton balls from one plate to another as fast as they could and immediately after the girls, who had pantyhose on their head with a tennis ball on the end, tried to knock over water bottles. The final leg of the relay was where one partner had a glass jar and the other had a bowl of skittles and the one with the skittles had to spit them across to their partner who tried to catch it with the jar. “New Hairdo” was probably the favorite of the night. The girls put on trash bags and shower caps. Helpers then put shaving cream on the shower caps. The boys stood a few feet away and threw Cheetos at their heads, trying to get the Cheetos to stick on the shaving cream. Winners of the games and the ones who raised the most money this year were the senior candidates Hailey Hopke and Nick Barnes, the queen and king.