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Van-Far FFA celebrates past year with annual banquet

Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 10:41 am

Garry and Cindy Pirch receive a plaque thanking them for their support of the local FFA chapter.

Garry and Cindy Pirch receive a plaque thanking them for their support of the local FFA chapter.

The Van-Far FFA held its annual Chapter Banquet last week as away to celebrate the accomplishments of members during the past year.
Van-Far FFA President Renee Nelson gave the welcome while Dalton Buie provided the invocation. The installation of 2016-2017 officers included President Jayda Borgmeyer; 1st Vice-President Taryn Adam; 2nd Vice-President Caden Wilburn; Secretary Claire Motley; Treasurer Paige Dameron; Reporter Logan Wilson; Sentinel Alec Adam; Historian Lauren Shaw; Historian Lauren Shaw; Chaplin Treyson Culwell; and Parliamentarian Parker Wallace.
The list of honors included:
Honorary Chapter Farmers-Phil and Shelia Ennis
Alumni Scholarship-Justin Hopke
Leadership Awards-Claire Motley, Paige Dameron, Treyson Culwell, Logan Holt, Matty Northcutt, Nick Crow, and Caden Wilburn
Academic Awards-Alec Adam, Taryn Adam, Jayda Borgmeyer, Colton Craven, Treyson Culwell, Paige Dameron, Trenton DeTienne, Alex Flowers, Dylan Gaage, Jacob Garner, Jace Gay, Logan Holt, Hailey Hopke, Will Hopke, Courtney Jennings, Colten Jensen, Abbigail Kuda, Mackenzie Kurz, Claire Motley, Renee Nelson, Matty Northcutt, Paul Schambach, Lauren Shaw, Parker Wallace, Caden Wilburn, and Logan Wilson.
Attendance Awards-Hailey Hopke, Renee Nelson, Matty Northcutt, Courtney Jennings,  Dalton Buie, Jayda Borgmeyer, Taryn Adam, Will Hopke, Paul Schambach, Mackenzie Kurz, Alec Adam, Treyson Culwell,   Paige Dameron,    Claire Motley, Lauren Shaw, Caden Wilburn, and Logan Wilson.
Proficiency Awards
Beef Production Placement-Hailey Hopke and Will Hopke
Crop Production Placement-Taryn Adam
Crop Production Entrepreneurship-Treyson Culwell
Diversified Livestock-Hailey Hopke
Grain Production Placement-Mackenzie Kurz
Outdoor Recreation Placement-Matty Northcutt
Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship-Dalton Buie
Poultry Production Placement/Entrepreneurship-Mackenzie Kurz
Outdoor Recreation Entrepreneurship-Dalton Buie
Chapter Degrees-Taryn Adam, Trey Atkinson, Alex Flowers, Jacob Garner, Will Hopke, Cody James, Colten Jensen, Mackenzie Kurz, Paul Schambach, and Parker Wallace
Chapter Sweetheart-Hailey Hopke
Outstanding Freshman-Lauren Shaw
Outstanding Sophomore-Taryn Adam
Outstanding Junior-Jayda Borgmeyer
Outstanding Senior-Renee Neson
Fruit Sales-Top three in sales (Hailey Hopke, Dalton Buie, and Cody James)
Trap Team-Cody James, Will Hopke, Paul Schambach, Trey Atkinson, Colton Craven, Chase McMorris, Dalton Buie, Nick Crow, and Matty Northcutt
Career and Leadership
Development Team Awards
Creed Speaking-Alec Adam
Dairy cattle evaluation-Lauren Shaw, Alec Adam, and Logan Wilson
Agronomy-Jayda Borgmeyer
Livestock evaluation-Caden Wilburn, Claire Motley, Paige Dameron, and Treyson Culwell
Nursery landscaping-Renee Nelson, Hailey Hopke, Matty Northcutt, Courtney Jennings,  and Taryn Adam
Wisconsin World Dairy Expo-Lauren Shaw, Logan Wilson, Mackenzie Kurz, and Alec Adam
Midwest Dairy Association Award-Lauren Shaw
Greenhand Degrees-Alec Adam, Treyson Culwell, Paige Dameron, Dylan Gaage, Claire Motley,     Lauren Shaw, Caden Wilburn, Logan Wilson,     and Jacob Garner
Area FFA Degree-Matty Northcutt, Hailey Hopke, and Courtney Jennings
State Degrees-Kayleigh Kohl
State Convention Courtesy Corp-Alec Adam, Caden Wilburn, Logan Wilson, Paige Dameron, and Claire Motley
State Delegates-Taryn Adam and Lauren Shaw
Star Greenhand-Logan Wilson
Star Chapter Farmer-Taryn Adam
Star Chapter in Placement-Courtney Jennings
DeKalkb Award-Courtney Jennings
Retiring Officers-President Renee Nelson; Vice-President Hailey Hopke; Treasurer Courtney Jennings; Reporter Matty Northcutt; and Sentinel Dalton Buie