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Van-Far FCCLA students celebrate past year with banquet

Posted on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 8:30 am

Outstanding members Mari Parrish, left, and Brooke James.

Van-Far’s Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) recognized the accomplishments of its members during the annual banquet held Friday, April 27. The event was catered by the Rose Catering Plus and Van-Far’s FFA provided the service.
After officers were introduced, FCCLA President Jessica Hurd conducted the Opening Ceremony. Devotion was given by Inspiration Leader Shelby Brinkley.
A time for “Thank You’s” was given by Reporter Abbey Robinson. FCCLA Advisor Teresa Klott was also recognized.
A Slide Show highlighting the year’s activities was shown. It was created by Micaella Love and Robinson.
This year’s Outstanding Members awarded were Mari Parrish with 480 points in the High School Division and Brooke James with 480 points in the Junior Division.
For the second year in a row, Sarah Sutton was named the Most Valuable Officer. She was also named the Outstanding Officer.
The event concluded with the officer installation ceremony. Both a parent and senior appreciation were also held.
The list of award recipients includes:
• Step One-Katelyn Allen, Nicole Harvey, Brooke James, Danielle Lucas, Amber Moss, Molly Nagel, Mari Parrish, Breanna Strange, and Sarah Sutton
• Be A Part Of It-Micaella Love
• Access Conference-Shelby Brinkely and Sarah Sutton
• State Leadership Conference-Kristin Beatty, Hailey Hopke, Jessica Hurd, Abbi Kuda, and Sarah Sutton
• Junior Achievement (First Year)-Madison Baumbach, Ricky Beatty, Jayda Borgmeyer, Anthony Cole, Ciara Johnson, Abbi Kuda, Baileigh Lucas, Amber Moss, Molly Nagel, Mari Parrish, Breanna Strange, and Autumn Sutton
• Junior Achievement (Second Year)-Katelyn Allen, Mackenzie Baumbach, Kristin Beatty, Kambrie Hartsell, Kenedy Hays, Hailey Hopke, Jessica Hurd, Brooke James, Leah Johnson, Rachael Kohl, Micaella Love, Danielle Lucas, Madison Orr, Abbey Robinson, Sarah Sutton, and Emily Williams
Power of One
• A Better You-Kambrie Hartsell, Leah Johnson, Amber Moss, Brooke James, Mari Parrish, Abbey Robinson, and Breanna Strange
• Family Ties-Mari Parrish
• Working on Working-Katelyn Allen, Nicole Harvey, Brooke James, Amber Moss, Molly Nagel, Breanna Strange, Shelby Brinkley, Mackenzie Baumbach, Ciara Johnson, Leah Johnson Mari Parish, and Sarah Sutton.
• Take The Lead-Danielle Lucas, Amber Moss, Molly Nagel, and Mari Parrish
• Speak Out for FCCLA-Mari Parrish and Abbegail Robinson
• All Five Power of One Projects-Shelby Brinkley, Kambrie Hartsell, Jessica Hurd, and Mari Parrish
Point Club
• Star Club-Leah Johnson, Abbi Kuda, Autumn Sutton, and Emily Williams
• Superstar Club-Katelyn Allen, Micaella Love, Molly Nagel, Lindsey Nitcher, and Breanna Strange
• Megastar Club-Kristin Beatty, Shelby Brinkley, Kambrie Hartsell, Kenedy Hays, Hailey Hopke, Jessica Hurd, Brooke James, Dani Lucas, Amber Moss, Mari Parrish, Abbegail Robinson, and Sarah Sutton
• 2011-2012 Officers-Jessica Hurd (President), Sarah Sutton (1st-V.P.), Kristin Beatty (2nd-V.P.), Kenedy Hays (Secretary), Kambrie Hartsell (Treasurer), Abbey Robinson (Reporter), Micaella Lova (Historian), Lindsey Nitcher (Parliamentarian), Hailey Hopke (Recreation Leader), Shelby Brinkley (Inspiration Leader), Danielle Lucas (Point Keeper), Region IV Secretary Sarah Sutton, and Region IV Reporter Jessica Hurd
• 2012-2013 Officers-Sarah Sutton (President), Kristin Beatty (1st-V.P.), Kenedy Hays (2nd-V.P.), Mackenzie Baumbach (Secretary), Abbey Robinson (Treasurer), Abbi Kuda (Reporter), Hailey Hopke (Historian), Autumn Sutton (Parliamentarian), Will Smith (Recreation Leader), Danielle Lucas (Point Keeper), Baileigh Lucas (Inspiration Leader), and Region IV Secretary/Treasurer Sarah Sutton
• Seniors Recognized-Jessica Hurd, Mari Parrish, Leah Johnson, Ciara Johnson, Shelby Brinkley, and Rachael Kohl